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Hola From La Jolla!

Hola From La Jolla!

It is one month since our move from San Francisco to San Diego.   My husband and I decided to get a place for the year in… 918 palabras más


Southern California

I just completed a short road trip to Southern California with Carmen, a friend of Sibylle’s, now a friend of mine, visiting from Switzerland.

9/30/15 – The Broad… 1.441 palabras más


Reformer Essentials @ Vida Pilates, La Jolla

Date: Tuesday, 12:30 pm

Teacher: Maddy

Cost: $12 to try, $25 drop-in, packages/specials/privates available

Length: 1 hr.

Sweat level: 6/10

Fun level: 7/10

M/F ratio aka. 474 palabras más


The Girl From California

I met Kathryn in a chat room during the fall of 1994, some 21 years ago. We couldn’t text each other, because that technology didn’t exist. 2.731 palabras más