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USTA National 40 & Father/Son, Grandfather/Grandson Hard Courts

The Hard Courts started today. As usual, the tournament is impeccably organized by Conan Lorenzo, Bill Kellogg, Pierrette Featherby and tournament referee Ralph Anderson and their cadre of volunteers and staff. 206 palabras más

Category I Nationals

La Jolla Waves on Rocks

Here is another single-frame bulb photograph from the La Jolla coast. I took this photo from the same tripod position as last week’s image, just with a slightly different exposure. 11 palabras más


San Diego Rendevous!

Very excited to visit Cathy and Don in San Diego, a Chicago reunion before our Thanksgiving holiday together with Jamie in Palm Springs!

Arrived the afternoon of Thurs 11,19 after a nice and easy (and fast) drive.  247 palabras más

San Diego Photo Album

Photos include Balboe park, San Diego Zoo, Sunset Clifts, Downtown and Old town San Diego, Pacific and Ocean Beach and La Jolla.

Balboa park

Balboa park… 74 palabras más

San Diego

Feed your soul with a fall surf camp

As the waves came crashing down, I found out what it might be like being stuck inside a washing machine while on spin cycle.

All I could think was to keep calm and remember my surf coach’s tips while I was being battered about in the ocean.  462 palabras más

Diet & Fitness

La Jolla Coast at Sunset

I spend most of my time taking photographs while hiking, backpacking, and climbing in the deserts and mountains of landlocked states in the American West. Occasionally, I have the opportunity to travel to the coast and practice taking one of my favorite types of photographs: the long-exposure (bulb) photograph of ocean waves on rocks. 46 palabras más