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LA Park vs Rush – Baracal (03/11/2017)

LA Park vs Rush


Gimnasio Olimpico Juan de la Barrera, Mexico City, Mexico


(reviewed 08/29/2017) Lucha libre is the best and these two are two of the best at lucha libre. 582 palabras más

Brock 2017

Penta Zero M & Daga vs LA Park & Rey Escorpion – AULL (03/01/2017)

Penta Zero M & Daga vs LA Park & Rey Escorpion


Arena Lopez Mateos, Tlalnepantla, Mexico


(reviewed 03/09/2017) I love lucha brawls, luchas extremas, lucha deathmatches, all that jazz. 386 palabras más

Brock 2017

Main Event Madness: L.A. Park Vs LA Parka

Throughout the history of wrestling, some of my favorite matches to watch have been the mirror matches because of how hard they are to pull off. 607 palabras más

Match Review

LLL: what kind of PARK is this? There are only chairs here.

Welcome back to Licia Learns Lucha, the weekly blog dedicated to teaching me all about lucha libre. So far, I’ve gone down the legendary trail of… 1.418 palabras más