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Un año de gestión de espalda al Pueblo

 Por Guillermo Cara*

Hoy se cumple un año de la asunción de la Alianza Cambiemos en la Nación, en la Provincia de Buenos Aires y en la Ciudad de La Plata. 661 palabras más

The Political Importance of the West Slope

It’s no secret that Colorado is set to be the hub of the central United States’ population. Of all the sharing the great plains, Colorado is by far the most populated. 316 palabras más


Our Election Predictions

As the hours of this election day creep by, we thought we would put forward a few predictions for not only the national scale, but on our very own Colorado races, down to HD59. 415 palabras más


Mail Ads

In these last few days of the election, you are practically garunteed to be pelted with mail ads if you haven’t already been. I went through my own “collection” if you will, and counted nearly 40 ads. 261 palabras más


Democrats Continue to lead Ballot Returns in La Plata County

As of 10/28/16, Democrats our outpacing Republicans in ballot returns in La Plata county by roughly 800 votes – around 3,700 for Dems and 2,900 for Republicans. 89 palabras más


Tips and Tricks on Putting Up Yard Signs

Election season may be coming to a close, but for when the major races for Governor and Congress in 2018 come around here in Colorado, you will need to know all the “hows” and “whats” to putting up yard signs. 266 palabras más


What Can You Do to be Politically Involved?

  • Stay Informed. Read political blogs (like this one! Hey!), and check in on your local newspaper.
  • Put up yard signs.
  • Volunteer with candidate’s campaigns.
  • Donate.
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