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Pulse and Shattering

I am an old dyke. I’ve been out and proud since 1977 – a long time. When I came out, it wasn’t like it is now, even in NYC, where I lived. 432 palabras más



La vida Loca

My rhymes are very local

Just like the mathematical loci

I will never remain docile.

La vida Loca

My love for you always is total… 176 palabras más


An open letter to Tom Hardy (and all the men from my past)

Dear Tom Hardy,

I’m afraid we have to break up. It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve wondered what it was that attracted me to you. 647 palabras más

La Vida Loca

The Day We Called 911

I told you I’d let you in on some of “Mi Vida Loca” right? So I think a good place to start is last month, when my little sister and I went hiking in the town next to us. 1.338 palabras más

La Vida Loca

My History with Food

When I was 17, a senior in high school (2006), I broke into the business. I was working as a pantry cook on the line in Chili’s. 837 palabras más

La Vida Loca

Summer 2016 | Urban Hangover Presents...5 Yr Anniversary in Punta Cana, DR

As much as I love and enjoy creating my own travel adventures and experiences, I must admit there is something so exciting about traveling with a bunch of random strangers especially when there are white sandy beaches involved. 350 palabras más


Cuba: The Journey

For my school’s “Winter Term,” a three week course we take in January where many people choose to go overseas, I chose to participate in The Natural and Cultural Environments of Cuba Excursion. 569 palabras más