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Weekend Pt. 1

It happened on a weekend. I was bored at the time (which is my natural state of being), so I decided to find someone to mess with on Omegle. 467 palabras más


How the Big Bag Facilitated my Renewed Crush on Ricky Martin

I have a crush on Ricky Martin…again.  The last time I had a school girl crush was when I was actually a school girl.  But something about being sandwiched between a bunch of screaming Latina’s while gazing lustfully at Ricky Martin’s pecs awakened feelings in me that I thought we long dead.  276 palabras más


Roll with it

El Guapo scoffs at your need for balance. “Such a roller coaster, la vida loca.”

Go Giants

Hola a todos! Don’t worry, this blog isn’t about the Giants getting into the World Series. I just couldn’t think of a better title. Moving on. 1.537 palabras más

Week 2: La comida

First and foremost, thanks for all the support on my first blog! I really didn’t think anyone would care, and now I feel super special. So thanks for that. 932 palabras más

I don't love your thermomix...


The. Fucken. Thermomix.
Really? Yeah, ok, they seem super handy and wanky. But you have no excuse for plastering their shit all over my social media. 280 palabras más

La Vida Loca

What does that even mean?

Inherently Fancy. It’s not a hooker reference, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Years ago, my friend and I were in a high-octane “business meeting,” which looked a lot like us sitting jobless for hours at a cafe (we took notes, ergo “business”), getting wicked caffeine buzzes and discussing possible routes to the fortune and glory that no doubt lay in our future, when dear Lea says “that is your tagline; Inherently Fancy. 222 palabras más