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The Fight Against Depression

Just like Pagliacci did, I tried to keep my sadness hid; Smiling in the public eye but in the lonely room I cry; The tears of a clown when there’s no one around. 542 palabras más

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The Impossible (And Redemptive) Math of 7 x 70

“Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week or month or even year…but I will get you back!”

Yeah. Those words usually flowed out of the mouth of Jefe after he had been done wrong. 530 palabras más

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How to have some fun when you're locked down in a psych ward

We didn’t do it much, but it happened occasionally. We had fun.

Stanford being Stanford, it had all sorts of fancy things to play with. There were some video games, so we did that. 369 palabras más

La Vida Loca

Before I went to Paris I had two other people visit me; first was my lovely friend Danyal, who I met during my semester abroad in Minnesota (Read about my semester abroad… 332 palabras más

Study Abroad

Weekend Pt. 1

It happened on a weekend. I was bored at the time (which is my natural state of being), so I decided to find someone to mess with on Omegle. 467 palabras más


How the Big Bag Facilitated my Renewed Crush on Ricky Martin

I have a crush on Ricky Martin…again.  The last time I had a school girl crush was when I was actually a school girl.  But something about being sandwiched between a bunch of screaming Latina’s while gazing lustfully at Ricky Martin’s pecs awakened feelings in me that I thought we long dead.  276 palabras más