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Cambridge-based Tech Firm Strikes Brazil Airport Deal

A UK company has secured an impressive deal to provide Brazil’s largest airport with 3,200 TETRA hand-portable radios.

Sepura will provide the staff of São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport with voice and data systems, servicing the airport’s airline, maintenance, cleaning, security and emergency staff. 180 palabras más

5 Pictures of the LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class

On the way to Auckland, I decided to mix things a little up and try a totally new airline. LATAM flies from Sydney via Auckland to Santiago de Chile, so I took the opportunity to book this flight to Auckland to review the… 50 palabras más


Brazil: When crisis means opportunity

Brazil is unique in Latin America, not just because they speak Portuguese, but also because the way they do business differs from their Spanish-speaking neighbors. 216 palabras más

Go South! Consulting

Legal issues of the WhatsApp data transfer plan... (in Mexico)

By now you have probably heard that WhatsApp will share your information with Facebook and other members of the “Facebook Family” (for example Instagram). They will do this… 802 palabras más

Delivery day from the Airbus plant in Toulouse 

Today, 30th August 2016, Airbus has delivered the first A350 to Thai Airways International, the first A350 in LATAM colors and the first A320neo in the Americas to the LATAM group. 258 palabras más


LATAM Reveals First A320 Neo & A350 In New Colours

The aircraft that the new LATAM livery was truly “designed for” has been revealed in Toulouse yesterday. LATAM Airlines Group received its fourth Airbus A350 XWB but it is the first to bear the LATAM Airlines livery, alongside its smaller sibling the brand new A320 Neo. 361 palabras más


Mexico's Renewable Energy Revolution

Summary: The national and international attention paid to Pemex and the oil sector has eclipsed the other half of the reform with a greater potential. In March, the government bought 2.1 GW for $2.6 billion, which will be installed by 2018. 513 palabras más