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History of Argentinian Crisis

This is a blog (in spanish) from an interesting politician and economist from Argentina. He is publishing a book (also in english) about the Argentinian economic history.


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China Seizes Opportunities in Latin America

China has big plans for Latin America—plans that seem to reflect China itself: massive and ambitious.

There are plans for a $10 billion, 3,300-mile-long transcontinental railroad snaking through the jungles of the Amazon river basin and over the highest mountain range in Latin America, linking the Atlantic shore to the Pacific. 879 palabras más

Trade & Development

IMF Projects Low Growth for the Caribbean

The following report was extracted from the website IMF released its World Economic Outlook Update for January 2017 earlier today. The organization is projecting growth of between 3.4 and 3.6% in global output between 2017 and 2018, especially in emerging markets and developing economies. 35 palabras más

Barbados News

Mexico's International Trade Agenda for 2017

International events such as “Brexit,” the United States’ potential withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) or the possibility of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are all extremely relevant for Mexico’s economy – which has the fourth-largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the Americas and the 15th-largest GDP in the world. 453 palabras más

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Latin American Economic Outlook 2017 YOUTH, SKILLS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Published in Oct16 by CAF, OECD, ECLAC, etc

Challenging macroeconomic conditions and stagnant productivity growth in Latin America will test socio-economic progress and the ability to fulfil people’s expectations… 32 palabras más


India Looks to Boost Access to Latin America, Eyes $100 bn in Trade

In a bid to ease hurdles and open up access to new frontiers, the government aims to enhance connectivity with Latin American (LatAm) countries — a move which will ease the long-standing demand of various nations. 469 palabras más

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