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Wingo, la nueva aerolínea de bajo costo en Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia—A partir de este jueves, se pueden adquirir tiquetes aéreos más baratos para viajes nacionales e internacionales. Esto, luego de que la empresa Wingo (filial de Copa Holdings) habilitara su portal web para reservar estos pasajes. 348 palabras más


Surfin' LI.M.A.

If everybody had an ocean
Across LI.M.A.
Then everybody’d be surfin’
Like Miraf…
Nah, it doesn’t rhyme.
Beach boys analogies aside, Miraflores was a surprise. It was the tail end of our permanence in Peru and Miraflores provided a welcome change. 112 palabras más

LATAM (LAN) Buenos Aires to Santiago - Economy Class - Boeing 767-300

After a fantastic two weeks in Buenos Aires and Montevideo it was time to start the trek home to Sydney.

The first sector was between Buenos Aires and Santiago was operated by a Boeing 767-300 and I thought this aircraft was going to have a bit of a retro feel about it but I was wrong. 330 palabras más

Santos wins Nobel, rejected at home

Not always the Nobel committee chose the right guy for its Peace Prize as in this case. A member of the Colombian upper-class, Juan Manuel Santos showed the guts to betray his former mates and bet for the peace in a complex and patient negotiation with the largest guerrilla organization after more than 50 years of warfare. 15 palabras más


Cambridge-based Tech Firm Strikes Brazil Airport Deal

A UK company has secured an impressive deal to provide Brazil’s largest airport with 3,200 TETRA hand-portable radios.

Sepura will provide the staff of São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport with voice and data systems, servicing the airport’s airline, maintenance, cleaning, security and emergency staff. 180 palabras más

5 Pictures of the LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class

On the way to Auckland, I decided to mix things a little up and try a totally new airline. LATAM flies from Sydney via Auckland to Santiago de Chile, so I took the opportunity to book this flight to Auckland to review the… 50 palabras más


Brazil: When crisis means opportunity

Brazil is unique in Latin America, not just because they speak Portuguese, but also because the way they do business differs from their Spanish-speaking neighbors. 216 palabras más

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