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Safety on the Road

  • Si yo fuera ladron, a ti te robaria. (If I were a thief, I’d rob you.)
  • Con cuidado que tu tienes cara de gringo. (Be careful.
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Arriving On Easter Island

Arriving On Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)

“The farther you go, however, the harder it is to return. The world has many edges, and it’s easy to fall off.” Anderson Cooper… 761 palabras más


Airline Review: LATAM Business Class Boeing 787-9

The LATAM Business Class in the Boeing 787-9 is the flagship product of the airline from Chile. In this review, we’ll explain what you can expect and what the differences to other LATAM airplanes are. 874 palabras más


LATAM Introduces New Economy Meals To Entice International Flyers

LATAM Airlines unveiled a fantastic and innovative new dining concept for the Economy cabin of its long-haul international flights (longer than seven hours), which is now available onboard flights to/from Chile and will be introduced throughout the airline group’s international network before the end of 2017. 317 palabras más


Airplanes and Airports

Inspired by takeoffs, landings and stopovers. But most of all by the passion of flights and traveling.

Acrylic on canvas – 100x100cm, 40x40in

AEP from the serie #AirplanesAndAirports_ – 100x100cm 40x40in – acrylic on canvas, 2016 ©Michele Molinari – US$1,200… 45 palabras más


Team Capital Continues Expansion with Opening of Madrid Office


– Leading Global Boutique Executive Search and Specialty Consulting firm Team Capital opens office in Paseo de la Castellana following recent expansion in Africa and Middle East  – 518 palabras más


Ten Things To Do On Easter Island

Ten Things To Do On Easter Island

“Whether an island such as Easter Island can be considered remote is simply a matter of perspective. Those who live there, the Rapa Nui, call their homeland Te Pito Te Henua, ‘the navel of the world’. 195 palabras más