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{belize} san ignacio eats

During our time in San Ignacio, we were able to try out a few different local restaurants that were just so delicious. Of course there were the places along the pedestrian street where clearly all the tourists go (and we visited as well), but we were glad to find a few local places that showed off the local cuisine focused on various seafood. 148 palabras más


Week 7

Before I did this week’s reading, I didn’t think that modernity had different degrees and components to it. But I could think of a few examples where clever and innovative dictators had economic advantages but didn’t necessarily have social advantages like liberty and freedom. 384 palabras más

Latin America

Where the desert meets the ocean

There is a lot of desert in Peru of every type, from dry rocky moon-like landscapes to golden rolling dunes and bright yellow stone that goes right up to the ocean. 570 palabras más


Friends of the Earth

Benevolent jesters

must taunt and tip over nuclear plants with flower petals and dynamite.

Gilded wives must divorce their stagnant mannequins

and remove their shinning coats to allow the rotting earth to fertilize their skins. 60 palabras más


On ‘Independence’: Catalonia, Kurdistan, North Korea and Latin America

By Andre Vltchek and Alessandro Bianchi

Interview with Andre Vltchek by Alessandro Biancchi, Chief Editor of the Italian Political Magazine Anti-Diplomatico…

2.064 palabras más
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{belize} san ignacio caracol ruins

One of the most important places people visit while jumping off from San Ignacio is the Caracol Maya ruins. Caracol is Belize’s largest and most important Maya site as it used to be one of the most important Maya epicenters. 179 palabras más


Reflections and Ramblings on One Year of Travel

Hi there. This is Trinity. I’m one-half of 43BlueDoors, and resident (so to speak) editor, proof-reader and occasional writer. Bonnie, the other half of 43BlueDoors, chief writer, editor-in-chief, and essentially my chief person, is taking a break from writing this week. 2.302 palabras más