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Sportacus Lazy Town Sky Chaser Rescue Vehicle Mattel 2007

This awesome Sportacus Sky Chaser Rescue set includes an articulated Sportacus figure and Sky Chaser vehicle with phrases and sounds. The dashing Sportacus figure is articulated and poseable and removable from vehicle… 114 palabras más

March 2015

I am Sportacus!

This post was written by Elmo (@MisterStickle)

Many adopters will be all too familiar with the spiraling negativity which can quickly descend on our children and family life. 478 palabras más


Deceptions of Satan revealed by children's show "Lazy Town" Part 3

By Derek Jordan

Robbie VS Stingy

Today’s article is the finale of the “Learn Satan’s deceptions from Lazy Town” series so be sure to start from the… 674 palabras más


Things People Never Tell You About Having Children: Part 2 (Blogging 101)

So, todays assignment for Blogging 101 is to expand on a comment I left on someone else’s blog yesterday, with a post today. I left a comment on the lovely Lydia Devadason’s blog regarding her post about her kids valiant attempts to break the bonds of their captivity and conquer the stairgates in their house (check out her post here… 861 palabras más

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