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Some Relevant Lessons from a Dead Language

There are some things I was struggling with tonight.

My first instinct was to get up and past it.  This is a fine thing to do.   529 palabras más


A joy and a delight

“…thy words became to me a joy, and the delight of my heart.” Jer. 15.16

These words struck me as I read today’s mass readings. God’s words are a joy to me and the delight of my heart. 207 palabras más


Day #6: Lectio Divina

If God were to speak to you right now, at this very moment, what do you think he would say?  Chances are, you would be wrong. 2.101 palabras más


Lectio Divina -Heathen Style

Those of you who are familiar with Heathenry will assuredly be familiar with the fixation some (most) Heathens have on lore. With a demographic drawn largely from Protestant Christianity, and working in an over-culture that is doggedly Protestant Christian in its attitudes, it is perhaps not surprising that there is deep suspicion and even hostility toward anything not immediately and apparently mediated by the written word. 3.394 palabras más

Hearing God in Summer

It is midsummer and we are thinking about vacations or a holiday from our usual routine.  

Do you take a vacation from God…or church…or worship…or prayer?   359 palabras más

Reading as a Spiritual Practice

For as long as I can remember, reading has been my spiritual practice. My earliest memories of spiritual reading are in the pews of the catholic church I was raised in, flipping through kids Bible story books and the weekly missal. 105 palabras más

Spiritual Reading

Generous people often have their families to thank

Mary Salome maintained that you could never find good fish outside of Galilee, so she and her cousin prepared a nice lamb stew for her sons, John and James, and their friends when they visited Jericho. 618 palabras más