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Useful links for Lent Reflections

How quickly time flies! Lent will be here in 10 days. What will you offer to the Lord this Lent?

Here are useful links to websites with lent reflections: 119 palabras más


Proust and Solitude: An Introvert's Dream

I could say that because of the disastrous political climate we find ourselves in, that all I want to do is bury myself in my reading and writing , but that would be a bit untrue. 1.117 palabras más



Experiencing a taste of the monastic life while living in the secular world.

That’s a benefit that Betty Bohaty enjoys as an oblate of the Missionary Benedictines of Christ the King Priory in Schuyler. 368 palabras más

St. Benedict Center ~ Christ The King Priory

Matthew 5:21-37 for Sunday, February 12, 2017

Artwork: Love is the Most Ancient Law by Jan Richardson*

Music: Communion by Trace Bundy*

*used with permission

Lectio Divina

Shine on

We are made in the image of God’s love and goodness. When we shine love and goodness into the world, the light of God chases away the darkness. 62 palabras más


Here Is The Bible Study Method We Use, Better Known As DOTW

There are literally thousands of methods that have been created for Bible reading! Behind each one is an understanding of what kind of book the Bible is and what it is designed to do… 559 palabras más

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