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This Is Where The Pilgrims Of Contemplation Differ!

I find it intriguing when an individual or a group of people take an old idea, change its name, wrap it in a new package, and introduce it to people as a brand-new product that the world can’t live without. 1.315 palabras más

God so loved the world

Despite the pain, suffering, and grief that may be today’s burden, let me not forget to give thanks for the gifts of family, friends, and unexpected kindnesses. 37 palabras más


Five Minutes With: Richard Irvine, author & anthropologist

Having studied the reading activities of Benedictine monks, Richard Irvine proposes that reading doesn’t have to be a lonely act. Hearing a text or reading it to someone can turn it into an opportunity for dialogue. 1.826 palabras más


To Be Known: The Life Christ Offers

About a year ago, I became acquainted with Blessed is She, a Catholic ministry for women of all ages.  It’s awesome. The Facebook group helped me with so many prayers during Amanda’s accident, but more importantly they have incredible resources for prayers and Bible study that are decidedly Catholic.  756 palabras más


Each Friday I share some of my favorite finds related to praying or writing. If I think it could help you pray or write better, or just “be” better, I’ll include it below. 220 palabras más


Ultima Cena (lectio, immagine)

L’ultimo post l’ho dedicato a come leggere le icone ed immagine sacre come portali al mistero offrendo uno spunto pratico su come pregare. Oggi vorrei offrire la prima  730 palabras más

Intorno Al Fuoco