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The Books and YOU!

I am so loving my 1st ever fanfic story of Lee Minho and Park Shinhye I am shipping them before as MinShin but since Minho is now so open with his relationship with a K-Pop idol I just set aside the so called ‘dream-to-be-real-couple’ for now and instead ship PSH aka Park Shinhye to JYH aka Jung Yonghwa as my YongShin. 134 palabras más

Blue Sea, Fairy, Geum-bi: on episode 3~6

I’m still too lazy to make individual posts for these Wednesday/Thursday dramas, so here are my thoughts on their second and third week. Oh well, maybe i should, since this post ends up being so long… 2.251 palabras más


First Impression: First Kiss for the Seventh Time

When I first knew of this web drama via Dramabeans’s news and later the circulated teaser, my first response was…who in the world is that rich to pay all of these top stars to come together in ONE drama? 464 palabras más


K-Drama IRL: Dating Expectations

This is a little skit that we put together that illustrates all the frustrations we have while dating.  And we 100% blame Korean dramas and k-pop stuff!


Legend of the Blue Sea Recap – Episodes 5 & 6

We have so much wonderful Lee Min Ho falling in love this week.  No confessions have been made, at least not in words, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.  1.824 palabras más