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Leishmaniasis: Russian Doll disease, virus inside parasite inside sandfly

New research describes leishmaniasis, a neglected tropical disease spread through sandflies, as a “Russian Doll’ disease. There is the Leishmania virus inside the Leishmania brazileinsis… 190 palabras más


New Sand Fly Species and Potential Vector of Leishmaniasis Discovered by Navy Entomologists

A team of U.S. Navy entomologists has discovered a new species of sand fly in Peru. These flies are tiny, but some of them pack a big punch — they’re known vectors of leishmaniasis, a disease that attacks both animals and humans. 523 palabras más

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Leishmaniasis in Kerala: Be ready to combat vector borne diseases!

 A small bite by a seemingly trifling organism can really turn your life upside down. Can you believe the fact that Vector borne diseases cause more than one million deaths each year… 1.067 palabras más


First Isolation of Leishmania from Northern Thailand

A case report published in the PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases reports the first isolation of  Leishmania from Northern Thailand. From the published abstract:


Since 1996, there have been several case reports of autochthonous visceral leishmaniasis in Thailand. 385 palabras más

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Leishmaniasis Outbreak in ISIS Held Raqqa, Syria

Leishamaniasis, a disease caused by Leishmania donovani, and spread by the sand fly, is reportedly raging through the capital of the Caliphate held by ISIS, Raqqa, Syria. 111 palabras más

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ISIS Terrorists Attacked by Flesh-Eating Skin Bacteria Due to Lack of Doctors

Original post from Epoch Times


ISIS fighters in Yarmouk, Syria, in this undated photo. (Screenshot via YouTube)

t may not be infighting or military setbacks that ultimately result in ISIS’s demise. 456 palabras más

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ISIS and their 'loathsome,' flesh-eating disease?

According to reports in London’s Daily Mirror, Islamic State fighters (ISIS) are losing a battle to a pesky, miniscule enemy — a sand fly. The ISIS fighters are being plagued with a flesh-eating disease that can cause sores all over a person’s body. 350 palabras más