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ISIS Terrorists Attacked by Flesh-Eating Skin Bacteria Due to Lack of Doctors

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ISIS fighters in Yarmouk, Syria, in this undated photo. (Screenshot via YouTube)

t may not be infighting or military setbacks that ultimately result in ISIS’s demise. 456 palabras más

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ISIS and their 'loathsome,' flesh-eating disease?

According to reports in London’s Daily Mirror, Islamic State fighters (ISIS) are losing a battle to a pesky, miniscule enemy — a sand fly.  The ISIS fighters are being plagued with a flesh-eating disease that can cause sores all over a person’s body. 349 palabras más


ISIS fighters hit by deadly 'flesh-eating' disease

By Mhairi Macfarlane
April 2, 2015

Islamic State fighters are falling ill in their droves to a deadly flesh-eating virus. Known as Leishmaniasis, the disease is spreading at a fast thanks to pollution and poor hygiene conditions and there have been more than 100,000 cases reported… 57 palabras más

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ISIS Epidemic: Flesh Eating Bacteria - Leishmaniasis - Eating Its Way Through Islamic State ... Over 2,500 Cases Reported in Raqqa

Express: The long road from marching side by side at Selma to today, when the White House is openly clashing with Israel.

The self-declared Islamic State capital is currently in the throes of an epidemic and a number of members of the Islamic State have reportedly been infected. 91 palabras más


Leishmaniasis: Battle Scars

March: Combat

Aliases: None currently, but historically it went by the misleadingly adorable name “Jericho buttons”, due to the high number of cases near the city of Jericho. 642 palabras más


Day 23 (Sunday, May 25): Leishmaniasis

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