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This new drug could fight 3 of the deadliest infections in developing nations

A single drug has shown potential in fighting three major infections – sleeping sickness, Chagas disease, and leishmaniasis – that infect 20 million people each year in developing countries. 660 palabras más


Dum Dum Fever

The mix of variable pathophysiology, geographic distinctiveness, inconstant clinical penetrance, and complex host-parasite interaction make for a smouldering ‘Neglected Tropical Disease’ affecting 12 million of the world’s poorest. 3.973 palabras más

The Beach

Tomorrow was the first day back at school, and Angela Gonzalez could not be more excited. She had not seen her friends since before the spring vacation. 2.668 palabras más


Zika Virus

Florida, USA – The Florida Department of Health (DOH) reported Friday an additional 18 imported Zika virus cases with six in Miami-Dade, four in Orange, three in Osceola, two in Polk, one in Hillsborough, one in Manatee and one in Volusia counties. 234 palabras más


"New 'Flesh-Eating' Disease Spreading Across Syria and the Middle East"

Cases of Leishmaniasis up from 23,000 before the war to 41,000 in 2013: Syrian Ministry of Health

The disease is spreading across Syria, with cases also reported in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey, according to… 288 palabras más

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Leishmaniasis in the Middle East

A disfiguring tropical disease that had been contained to Syria has now spread across the Middle East as millions are displaced from the war-torn region. 258 palabras más