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He hisses and spits

Venom tipped tongue telling lies

Killing this country

Haiku Poetry

TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK Pay Tribute To LETHAL, Ft. RIOT V Singer Todd Michael Hall

Norway’s TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK have posted a tribute video to LETHAL, feat. RIOT V Singer Todd Michael Hall. Watch video for ‘Immune’ below.

The band says: 295 palabras más

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Qrandom Dare To Love

The timing is risky,
What you wear is dangerous,
Who you are, lethal,
And I live for all of it.


Little beast

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CNN, 1996: The Lethal Dangers of the Billion-Dollar Vaccine Business with Government Approval

Editor’s Note: This CNN Money Magazine article is republished on the Next Society website for educational purposes.

Andrea Rock, CNN 1996/12/1 – (MONEY Magazine) – When Miriam Silvermintz of Fair Lawn, N.J. 5.139 palabras más


Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome

Warmbloods Fragile Foal Syndrome Type 1 (WFFS) is a fetal genetic defect of connective tissue. It leads to fragile skin and mucous membranes which are the tissues that line cavities and cover organs in the horse. 276 palabras más

Lataa Peli Lethal Vr

Lataa Peli Lethal Vr

Lethal VR on pienen indiestudiosin, Three Fields Entertainmentin kehittämä VR-peli, joka ilmestyi jokin aika myös konsoleille ja Sonyn PSVR -laseillekin. Inspiraationa pelissä on toiminut (selkeästi) vanhat arcadeammuskelut, kuin myös 8-bittisen Nintendon klassinen Hogan’s Alley valopistooliräiskyttely. 250 palabras más