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Lataa Peli Lethal Vr

Lataa Peli Lethal Vr

Lethal VR on pienen indiestudiosin, Three Fields Entertainmentin kehittämä VR-peli, joka ilmestyi jokin aika myös konsoleille ja Sonyn PSVR -laseillekin. Inspiraationa pelissä on toiminut (selkeästi) vanhat arcadeammuskelut, kuin myös 8-bittisen Nintendon klassinen Hogan’s Alley valopistooliräiskyttely. 250 palabras más

Interview with K.H. Kate (Author of Lethal)

Today, I’m interviewing K.H. Kate – author of the Devil’s Shadow MC series.

Q1. Hello, Kate! Welcome to my blog! Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. 666 palabras más

Interviews With Authors

Dr. Roark's 4 Eyes Save Lives Initiative


In June Dr. Roark launched the 4 eyes save lives initiative. The goal is to reduce accessibility to lethal drugs in veterinary medicine. The article on this life-saving initiative can be read… 264 palabras más


12 Short Stories Prompt 6: Lethal (excerpt)

June 2019 :: Lethal :: 1,800 words

From the other side of the house Grayson could hear the trills of a phone. A deep, guttural noise. 518 palabras más


Marvel Is Assembling A Lethal New Team With “Strikeforce”

There’s an all-new superhero team coming to Marvel Comics! This new lethal ragtag group of individuals are said to be the unit that will do a job too dirty for normal supertypes to handle. 232 palabras más