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Day 57 - Positives

This morning we had a lovely breakfast with our friend C and her Children A & H, everyone is growing up far too quickly but despite Mr D’s Diner running out of pancakes everyone had lots of fun and Waffles instead. 57 palabras más

Year Of Positives

Taken 3 (2014)

I fear this isn’t even the nadir of Luc Besson’s ‘Mid-life Crisis’ franchise.
Scientifically proven to be less interesting than the dog eating popcorn.

The Bat Files - Batman Begins (2005)

Batman as a franchise was effectively dead in the years between 1998 and 2004. There were a number of attempts to bring the character back to the big screen and all either languished in development hell or never made it past the earliest of development stages. 1.003 palabras más


Preview: A Monster Calls

The common, perhaps pretentious, and ever-present commentary on book-to-film adaptations is that the book will always be better. (This is not, of course, to judge people who prefer movie adaptations to books, or vice versa, as both mediums have their strong points. 639 palabras más


Taken (2008)

There is at least one meme I know of with Liam Neeson and a reference to his role in Taken. I am not sure 100 percent how it goes, but it is along the lines of “He saved over 1000 Jews, he helped train Batman AND Anakin Skywalker, and you dare to take his daughter?!?!” This is what I knew when I finally got around to seeing Taken, and it is far from brilliant, but it is still somewhat entertaining. 351 palabras más


TIFF: The Rest

Carrie Pilby

Awkward, isolated and disapproving of most of the people around her, a precocious 19 year-old genius is challenged to put her convictions to the test by venturing out on to the NYC dating scene, in this adaptation of Caren Lissner’s best-selling 2003  novel. 1.122 palabras más


Rob Roy (1995)

When a corrupt English aristocrat steals steals his money and lands, an honest Scotsman refuses to be blackmailed into betraying a friend and turns outlaw to clear his name. 160 palabras más