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You know, say what you will about Liam Neeson being a fascist, gun-grabbing lunatic. Or a totally hypocritical jackass in his uber-violent criminal movies. But at least he’s trying to make physics popular! 66 palabras más


Taken 3 Did Not Take

I’m not trying to be controlling, but since this is my blog, I can pretty much add whatever I want to it. With that being said, I thought, on an occasion, I would add my two cents on some of the movies, TV shows, or what have you to my little corner of the world. 402 palabras más

Bryan Mills

Liam Neeson Can Add 'Most Liked Celebrity Pitchman' To His Particular Set Of Skills

Earlier this year, Liam Neeson famously starred in Supercell’s “Angry Neeson” commercial for the Clash of Clans game, which debuted during the Super Bowl. The brilliant ad spot played upon Neeson’s penchant for gruff movie roles and re-contextualized his image into that of a grumpy coffee house gamer. 311 palabras más


How to: When Fruit Flies Happen

So, I bought bananas and now I have a few fruit flies. Typical. If you don’t want to give up buying bananas, I’m here to help you set up a fool-proof way to put an end to the problem. 327 palabras más

Fruit Flies

Consumers quite taken by Liam Neeson, ad execs told

NEW YORK — Ad executives looking for a celebrity to endorse their product can’t do much better than actor Liam Neeson.

That’s the conclusion of the Nielsen company, which looked at celebrities who made commercials during the first three months of the year and ranked them with a calculation that takes into account likability, public awareness, influence and other factors. 214 palabras más


Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant Reveal Their Real Voices

This is amusing. One of my favorite movies is Notting Hill and, well, you’ll see.


Game of Thrones: the Musical

This could well be the best thing Coldplay have ever done.

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