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Martin Scorsese's Journey From Near-Death Drug Addict to 'Silence'

Fifty years after fighting for his life, the 74-year-old director talks overcoming an epic lawsuit, starving actors and a death on set to bring his passion project — a Japanese novelist’s masterpiece — to the screen: “I was blind, and now I can see.” 3.418 palabras más

Martin Scorsese and his latest film: Silence

A mission to the land of secular Japan

Martin Scorsese’s 26 year film in the making, which featured in the Cannes Festival in November, is set to be released in the global cinemas on 23rd December. 431 palabras más


'A Monster Calls' Director Says Film Is His 'Love Letter to Fantasy'

At the New York premiere of “A Monster Calls,” held Wednesday night at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater, actress Sigourney Weaver told Variety… 299 palabras más


Johnny Depp is Still Our Most Overpaid Actor

Once again, crazy accent enthusiast, scarf coatrack, and accused domestic abuser Johnny Depp is Hollywood’s most overpaid actor, according to an annual study by the folks… 205 palabras más


Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

With a new Star Wars film just around the corner, it recently came of significance to me that there are now seven Star Wars films: one for every day of the week. 1.064 palabras más


A Monster Calls (2016)

A young mother (Felicity Jones) is dying from a terminal illness. Her son Conor (Lewis MacDougall) escapes into the world of his art and imagination to cope. 345 palabras más


A Monster Calls Review

Blunt Review: My god this was not what I expected, Bambi hurt less than this…Is it worth the tears.  Absolutely!


I saw this film during Odeon’s Seen Unseen for this month, not knowing what film I was going to see (Was really hoping Star Wars Rogue One but hey! 509 palabras más