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My Thing Can Beat Your Thing S02E08: Liam Neeson v Jaws

This episode is grey-t. That is all.

My Thing Can Beat Your Thing: Where we each pick a thing, and then figure out which thing beats which thing. 68 palabras más

My Thing Can Beat Your Thing

Batman Begins (2005)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writer: Bob Kane, David S. Goyer

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson

Description: Oscar nominated start of the famous Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan. 110 palabras más


SCHINDLER'S LIST (1997) - Steven Spielberg's sobering look at the Holocaust

Schindler’s List — a clear-eyed, flawless look at the Holocaust — is a movie filled with infinite paradoxes.

The most obvious paradox is its true story. 308 palabras más

A Monster Calls, Not All Endings Are Happy

A Monster Calls directed by J.A. Bayona is based on a book written for children by Patrick Ness after collaborating with another author, Siobhan Dowd while dealing with cancer. 2.285 palabras más


Silence - Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Andrew Garfield has proven himself to be an oscar worthy actor and he proves it here also. I do think his performance in Hacksaw Ridge was more entertaining but his performance here was more raw and brutal. 227 palabras más

An Ongoing Joy

“It’s an ongoing joy being a dad.”

~ Liam Neeson,


Paul's Wall Viral Video: A Liam Neeson Vine

Vine, it was once a goldmine of quick ont-hit and one-liners.

You could find anything, even aspiring artists talking about Liam Neeson’s Knees.

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