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MARION: dolls, sewing, storytelling, book, playing :)

Für die Buchvorstellungen mit MARION habe ich kleine Spielkissen genäht! Diese Figuren sollen das Geschichteerzählen und Vorlesen spielerisch begleiten und ich denke mir, dass es bei den Kindern gut ankommen wird. 51 palabras más


Model Chloe Ayling Describes Being Allegedly Kidnapped For 6 Days: 'I Was Hoping For A Non-Painful Death'

Fashion model Chloe Ayling broke down while reflecting on her alleged kidnapping.

Ayling, 20, defended her story, despite its questioning by some, in which the model was first kidnapped in Milan, Italy, and eventually found herself shoe shopping with an “armed assassin.” She was said to have been injected with ketamine, shoved into the trunk of a car, and sent off to be sold into sex slavery. 542 palabras más


En costas extrañas, de Tim Powers

Aquí tenéis una reseña que puede contener spoilers SOLO si sois muy sensibles a ellos, porque, en realidad, no creo que digamos nada que pueda dañar a la aventura que conlleva leerse el libro. 29 palabras más


Love Is Blog: Book Review at Si Ate Girl

Mag rereview ako ng book. Magiging seryoso muna ko ngayon ano po. Teka pano? Hahaha. Ok eto na. I’m sure narinig nyo na ang librong pinamagatang… 1.021 palabras más


l'arte di battere a macchina / cesare viel. 1988

Cesare Viel, L’Arte di Battere a Macchina, 1988 (50 esemplari, Collezione Giuseppe Garrera)

Avvertenza per il lettore: Ogni pagina, nella differenza della combinazione dell’operazione, restiuisce la serialità della cancellazione della lettera e l’insistenza indimenticabile della sua sparizione.

Agosto 1988