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Tendremos un sorteo de libros de Amazon Kindle para promover nuestra nueva serie de libros nuevos y mejorados

El valor de una semana de ficción. Cada libro tiene siete historias. 212 palabras más

Loveforce En Espanol,

[Book Talk] Ways to get cheap books for international bloggers

Let’s take a moment to get real.

Being a blogger is an expensive little thing, isn’t it?
And apart from the fact I live in Mexico, where despite no one reading books are still more expensive than anywhere else, I also happen to live in the middle of nowhere where I can only have books shipped in. 1.094 palabras más

Book Review

$20 Book Depository Giveaway Ending Soon!

Our giveaway is coming to an end!

For any of you last minute entries out there, you have less than four days to join!

Everyone is welcome to join and the winner gets $20 worth of… 377 palabras más