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The Wound

One day she woke up and realized she wasn’t hurting as much as before. The wound was still there, but the pain duller, more of an ache that intensified at certain times. 327 palabras más


A restaurant in a ghost town

Last night we were picked up for free in a taxi and transported to a wonderful restaurant and wine house in the amazing ghost town of Karakoy, Fethiye… 109 palabras más


Top 5 things to do when you are bored

That time when there’s noting to do

We all face some times  when there’s nothing to do, even we can’t find any good video on the youtube.

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Moments: Part One

San Clemente Mountain Community, Ecuador,  Summer 2017

One of the most important and powerful moments of my life came to me during the summer of 2017 during a school run medical anthropology research trip in Ecuador. 484 palabras más


Farmers Market Bag

This beauty was started last Fall and finished this Spring. Right on time for pursuing farmers markets on the weekends. A long time dream of mine is to shop weekly at a farmers market. 551 palabras más


The Story

Everyone’s is different.


They interweave like

A vine growing up

A brick wall.

The sun rises at once

For everyone.

But their day may… 111 palabras más


Beauty rules: Time for a change

India and it’s fascination with white skin goes back to the time when India was ruled by the British. Ever since then, we have considered them somewhat superior to us and till date the beauty giants are minting money out of our obsession with melanin deficient skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. 283 palabras más