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black opium

and I hope for your sake that she doesn’t wear that same perfume that you liked on me



I’m often perplexed by people who are offended by things that can’t be proven. Usually in regards to spirituality.

In many cases, spirituality means sacrifice. Some people don’t want to sacrifice. 628 palabras más


love someone

just a reminder to myself: i dare you to love someone for a day, maybe, if you’re really trying to challenge yourself, a week. there’s one condition, and that is, you must love that person… 100 palabras más


Day 31 - 17/10/18 - Honesty

When I started this blog I promised myself that I was always going to be 100% honest, and I have to say Im sorry…. but I havent been able to stick to that. 483 palabras más

Blog Post

Life, up to now, briefly seen through the eyes of this one

Most people have been through it all, and seen through it all, by the time they are five years old. Emotionally. Psychologically.

And, not knowing what to do about it, most people have almost completely given up, by the time they are ten or eleven years old. 104 palabras más


Decree Life

Yesterday was truly very sad day for Queensland, and Australia, as we see another state government (Labor as usual) fail life! Who will arise to defend life. 307 palabras más


The Trees And The Bramble

Today I wanted to write about Judges 9:1-21.  This is the story of Abimelech and his thirst for power.

Abimelech was the son of Jerubbaal a/k/a Gideon.  866 palabras más