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Monday Motivation..

#MondayMorning #mondaymotivation Life is full of different colors. From the darkest to the lightest just keep moving forward. #NYC #Art


NCS - Experience of a Lifetime

As GCSEs finished over 2 months ago, this summer had the potential to be incredibly tedious and unexciting but NCS completely changed that for me. For those that do not know, NCS stands for the National Citizen Service – a 3-4 week experience which helps teenagers establish confidence and self-belief while both living away from home and integrating with strangers and learning invaluable life lessons. 612 palabras más


3Novices:Watch: Millers uses traditional methods to make edible oil

Watch: Ghani extraction methods stretch back to 4,000 years and was invented by the Harappa civilisation.
#3Novices #News #OnlineMedia #LifeStyle 3Novices




Travelling isn’t a skill. But at the same time you cant just wake up and travel, it has to start from somewhere, like interest in different cultures or the passion to see different people and things or even for peace of mind and relaxation. 231 palabras más


Lost In The Sauce

As I enter my last 7 weeks of sitting in a classroom, I catch myself wondering how I managed to go to school for 20 straight years without going insane.  782 palabras más

The Wedding of the Century!

So just a little over a month ago, the comic of the century debuted. Batman #50. There was  so much hype about it. Everyone and their grandma created a variant cover for this comic.  217 palabras más


Iconic 80's Fashion Designer Dapper Dan Links A Partnership With Gucci

Dapper Dan recently landed a partnership with Gucci. Not much is known what the two brands are putting together. This has once again put the spotlight back on an entrepreneur that grew up in Harlem with a dollar and a dream. 184 palabras más