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Her Voice Calls

The soft, high-pitched twang of a violin accosted me as I exited the portal into dark paradise—Lilith and Lucifer’s home in Hell. Party central for the evening, the space was elegantly decorated in rich reds and blacks, the walls dark as velvet, sleek, sophisticated. 1.397 palabras más


One Hell of a Party

The morning of the party I was up with the birds. The sun shone brightly through my bedroom window. It was going to be a good day. 2.167 palabras más


EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , EDEN AND CHINA’S GODS ; Third part : The Edenists ; Chapter 6 – Lilith

Third part : The Edenists

Chapter 6 – Lilith
I just try to built a coherent theory on ancient civilizations , and for that , I follow the way I fund , text after text … 796 palabras más

The Beginning of the End

Jealousy or Paranoia?

Something had changed. I could feel it. Lilith was not herself. I think her time at the cabin changed her, but I didn’t know to what end. 1.843 palabras más


Images of the Unconscious

Las tres brujas

Tres mujeres que huyeron de la Guerra Civil española y del infierno nazi. Tres guerreras que sufrieron en carne propia la pesadilla que supone ser mujer en un escenario bélico. 1.580 palabras más


Hell’s Journal Pt. 1

It has been a very long month. Not just long in the never ending sex, drugs and rock ‘N’ roll type of way. I mean there is always plenty of that to go around and I’m always up for a party. 788 palabras más

Open Heart

I laughed out loud, studying the strange Amazon woman, turning over what she had said in my mind. 

“I would like to pursue Lucifer at the party this weekend. 1.189 palabras más