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Outfit del día : Colores de media estación

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TGIF! Luego de una semana de trabajo ocupada, mañana por fin es sábado y podemos descansar un poco. También estamos cerca al capítulo final de Game of Thrones y me pone nerviosa no saber qué harán con la serie. 203 palabras más


Outfit of the Day: Mid Season Colours

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TGIF! After a very busy week of work, tomorrow it’s finally Saturday and we can all get some rest. We’re also closer to the grand finale of Game of Thrones and I’m very nervous to know what they will do with the show. 215 palabras más


Lima: The Culinary Capital of South America

For my first trip to Peru, my first stop was in the capital city of Lima. During my planning this trip, I read several articles that Lima is the culinary capital of South America. 822 palabras más


an encounter with missionary saints

We had been warned by multiple people to leave our
cellphones at home. Our taxi driver told us to take off any jewelry—watches,
earrings, necklaces—anything remotely valuable. 551 palabras más

Shades of a Pacific sunset

The sun burns gold through orange to red.
Bodies emerge from the ocean
giggling, dragging themselves from waves to rocks
and back to waves,
before finally allowing the milky shallows… 86 palabras más
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Exploring the unexplored in Lima, Peru - San Juan de Lurigancho

A typical tourist will most likely spend their days wandering around Barranco, Miraflores, San Isidro and the cultural centre of Lima. They are great places, visually stunning and a reflection of how advanced Lima is. 614 palabras más


Picture of the day for May 13, 2019

Wikipedia picture of the day on May 13, 2019: Presidential guard of Peru during Peru’s National (Independence) Day in front of the Government Palace, Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru.