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Rebeca Linares From Pain in The Ass *xXx* 2015 – (iPMaN)

Niños prodigios del ajedrez. Magnus Carlsen y Ruslan Ponomariov.

Ponomariov fue un niño prodigio que ya con con 10 años ganó el campeonato del mundo sub-12 o que con 12 años consiguió el triunfo en el campeonato de Europa sub-18. 125 palabras más


Morning chess tactic

Today’s position is from one of my games in the Spanish Team Championship in 2013, I was white against the young spanish IM Jaime Santos Latasa (2452). 101 palabras más


Real Oviedo defeat Lealtad 4-0, Linares had his second hat trick

  • The carbayones are now placed second and just one point behind league leaders Logroñés, who draw 1-1 in the last minute.
  • Second hat trick for Linares, who has scored 15 goals so far.
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'Beardless Jesus' found in Spain

Archaeologists in Spain say they have found one of the world’s earliest known images of Jesus. It is engraved on a glass plate dating back to the 4th Century AD, reports from Spain say.  51 palabras más

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