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OpenLinkNight #165

Hi everyone!  Welcome to OpenLinkNight !   This is your opportunity to link 1 poem of your choice as this is no prompt-day.     If you missed any of lovely prompts last week, … 278 palabras más


There is another language in the dark - Linda Hogan

 The baritone guitar has been widely used in guitar orchestras where there are different sized guitars employed. It covers the bass line and there are soprano guitars that cover the high parts. 1.028 palabras más


Catching Up With Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan is a celebrated poet, storyteller, academic, playwright, novelist, environmentalist, and a writer of short stories. Her novel, Mean Spirit, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. 1.669 palabras más

Women Writers

I open the door and the past walks in - Linda Hogan

It is a peculiar situation, I am getting ready to record some music for an upcoming CD, and struggle to figure out how to interpret it. 530 palabras más


The eight track mind

Once a century, all of a certain kind of bamboo flower on the same day. Whether they are in Malaysia or in a greenhouse in Minnesota makes no difference, nor does the age or size of the plant. 642 palabras más


The Young Mind Lives By Forgetting

As poet Linda Hogan wrote “…the young mind lives by forgetting.” An expert on human mind and memory was asked about the most important aspect of our brain’s gifts and he answered “the ability to forget”. 480 palabras más