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Bat Medicine

On a recent evening, I walked to the wetland at the edge of the Rio Grande for the bat-rise at sunset, the silent dance of dark forms against the golden sky, and remembered that I’d written about it a few years ago. 973 palabras más

Behind The Stories: Inspirations And Encounters

“…the world branded on ragged sides.” Linda Hogan

Sitting down to practice we might consider what we can learn today. It might be as simple as getting a feel for the piece, or more complicated like keeping to an exam preparation schedule. 554 palabras más


The Book of Medicines

I have added a number of poems from Linda Hogan’s collection The Book of Medicines to my personal poetry anthology. I’ve kept a commonplace book for years that often included pieces of poems or entire poems but it was Robert Pinsky and his book… 651 palabras más


What really happened on April 6

Well, there was that chicken attack on Yugoslavia 75 years ago. But what I mean occurred 50 years ago and concerns these two. And something tells me we will never know. 80 palabras más
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