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Hulk Hogan uses homophobic slurs while ranting about his ex-wife, Linda...

LMAO at all of those idiot fans and supporters defending Hulk Hogan saying he’s a good person.

I’m starting to believe that maybe Hulk really did beat up his wife Linda. 23 palabras más


Hulk Hogan Erased from WWE!

World Wrestling Entertainment has not only fired Hulk Hogan (and rightfully so), for his extremely ugly and vulgar racist rant that popped up on social media a few days ago, but they are even erasing any sign of him ever being a part of their company! 781 palabras más


For the birds

A few months ago, I found a stick when I was out walking.  It’s a good length for carrying and has little twig nubs left on it right up at the top, perfect for attaching feathers to.  797 palabras más



This morning, before my drawing class, Andrea rang me and asked if I could bring in a poem for her to read during our warm-up exercise.  254 palabras más


100-Day Project 42-47

Red is the thunder in our ears
when we meet.
Love, like creation,
is some other order of things.


This life in the fire, I love it. 123 palabras más


Linda Hogan's Solar Storms

My favorite novel of all time is Chickasaw writer Linda Hogan’s Solar Storms.  Published in 1997, it is the story of Angel, a girl who was taken from her Native relatives as a tiny child and raised in foster care, after being abused by her mentally ill mother.   290 palabras más


If I Have Time, Don't You?

Memories of my grandmother..

Each year, unfailingly, we received a heftily substantial box of homemade cookies and treats around Christmastime.  My sisters and I scavenged ravenously for our favorites, most often your frosted sugar cookies that made a swift departure to our bellies.   951 palabras más

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