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Will Karma kill her or save her?

A chance encounter opens a karmic door that awakens memories of a previous lifetime when a breaking with a clan tradition led to power struggles and murder. 161 palabras más

I Saw Nerve

I’ve written many times in the past how I enjoy the little genre films that often get thrown into the big summer season and generate little fanfare. 822 palabras más

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Survival Movies that Everyone should Watch

According to Darwin, fittest survive and the weak perish away. Even when it becomes almost impossible to survive, our basic instincts kick in and most of the times, we find a way out of the life-threatening situation, either that, or we die trying. 309 palabras más


Louisiana Sends Dollars To 'Deepwater Horizon' Disaster Flick As Charities And Feds Hunt Money For Disaster Aid

As the federal government and myriad charities hunt dollars to help Louisiana with its latest disaster, a Biblical flood, Louisiana is getting ready to help Hollywood with $37.7 million in state aid for a disaster movie, Lionsgate’s… 589 palabras más


The Monolith Movie

The DC Comics Series, The Monolith, is headed for the big screen. The project is in development at Lionsgate and will be directed by first timer Dave Wilson. 151 palabras más


Will you help save a child's ghost?

Never Can Say Good-bye is a Paranormal Thriller, which is comparable to Ghost, The Others, and the original Dark Shadows TV series.

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Lionsgate To Develop DC Comic 'The Monolith' For The Silver Screen

If I told you that the story of an old Jewish folk tale had a comic book twist to it would you still read on? Well good, you’ve made it to the next sentence, and now I can tell what the heck this future film is. 220 palabras más