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New POWER RANGERS Trailer released! #ItsMorphinTime

A brand new trailer for Power Rangers has been released by Lionsgate.

The film opens in theaters on March 24.

'It's Morphin' Time!' - Saban's Power Rangers debuts a new action-packed trailer

After three months of teasing the morphing sequence at the end of the teaser trailer, (GRRR!!!) the official trailer for SABAN’S (Yes, everyone has to know Saban got the rights to the series back from Disney) Power Rangers has finally hit the web and…it’s a lot better than we all expected! 140 palabras más


"Power Rangers" Official Trailer Released

It’s morphin’ time!

Saban’s “Power Rangers” trailer has officially landed! I’m sure I’m not the only one who went home after school and watched the original “Power Rangers.” I guess that will depend on how old you are, but with so many iterations over the years there’s a memory of “Power Rangers” for every generation including my 3-year old nephew who’s currently obsessed and watching on YouTube. 218 palabras más

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New Power Rangers Trailer Is Here!

Today Lionsgate has debuted the new trailer for Power Rangers movie, which gives us a better look at the megazords in action, Bryan Cranston’s zordon, Alpha 5 and the Rangers suited up in action. 128 palabras más


Second Trailer for Sabans Power Rangers Movie Drops Online!

2017 is set to fans of 1990’s return to Angel Grove, for those who aren’t familiar with Angel Grove, it was the setting of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers… 520 palabras más


"Go, Go....." New "Power Rangers" Trailer Drops

Here we “Go, Go” again, with a new trailer for Saban/Lionsgate’s modern big screen adaptation of Power Rangers. Does it look anything like your childhood? Or does it redeem any issues the internet might have had with the project before? 575 palabras más


It's Morphin' Time!

Today, the second trailer was revealed for “Saban’s Power Rangers” today and the internet is shook. The trailer itself featured more than the last, mainly so it can hype up this creakingly awesome movie. 253 palabras más