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Lionsgate sues TD Ameritrade over ad inspired by 'Dirty Dancing'

TORONTO — Entertainment company Lionsgate and online broker TD Ameritrade are in a legal tango over a TV commercial that parodied Dirty Dancing.

Lionsgate filed suit Thursday against TD Ameritrade alleging false association, unfair competition and trademark infringement and dilution. 350 palabras más


'Monopoly' Movie in the Works

We all grew up with Monopoly: we went to jail, collected $200 as we pass go, and bought more properties than we could handle! Now the classic board game will actually be a film. 211 palabras más

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‘Monopoly’ Movie Going Forward With Lionsgate

Andrew Niccol will write the script for the Monopoly movie

Lionsgate and Hasbro are partnering to bring the iconic game Monopoly to the big screen, the two companies announced today.

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Possible Allegiant Movie news at Comic Con! 

According to @ShailneneArmy, Comic Con will release a final statement this Friday about the panel schedules and panel attendees that will be at Comic Con which means we could possibly get some Allegiant Part 1 news!!


Movie Trailer: London Has Fallen

Here’s your first look trailer of London Has Fallen, sequel to the ridiculous Olympus Has Fallen, but whatever.

via Lionsgate Films UK

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'Monopoly' Movie In Works As Lionsgate Teams With Hasbro

Here’s a concept that just passed “Go.” Lionsgate says it is teaming with Hasbro to create a movie based on Monopoly, the board game developed more than a century ago to illustrate a Progressive critique of economic concentration.  278 palabras más


'Monopoly' Movie Going Forward With Lionsgate

Lionsgate and Hasbro are teaming up on a Monopoly movie and have tapped Andrew Niccol (“The Truman Show”) to write the screenplay.

Lionsgate and Hasbro Allspark Pictures will produce and Lionsgate will finance the film, which centers on a boy from the game’s modest Baltic Avenue on a quest to make a fortune. 277 palabras más