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Lionsgate, Starz Close $4.4 Billion Acquisition

Lionsgate has completed its acquisition of Starz for approximately $4.4 billion in cash and stock. The merger had been announced at the end of June, after a lengthy courtship period and the helping hand of investor John Malone, the majority shareholder in Starz who also acquired a stake in Lionsgate in 2015. 320 palabras más


Lionsgate Closes Deal To Buy Starz

Lionsgate and Starz are now one: The studio just closed the $4.4 billion cash and stock deal, announced in June, to buy the No. 2 premium network company. 285 palabras más

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New 'Power Rangers' Poster Reveals The Zords

Thanks to a new poster debuting via, we have our first official look at the Zords from the upcoming Power Rangers reboot of the popular Fox Kids series from the nineties. 208 palabras más


Rita Repulsa is Back in a New 'Power Rangers' Photo

The feature film reboot of the Fox Kids series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a major departure from the original series, featuring a much darker and more mature take as opposed to the colorful and campy children’s series.  350 palabras más


Starz Shareholders Formally Endorse Sale To Lionsgate

For the record: Starz moved a step closer to merging with Lionsgate today as the premium network company’s shareholders voted overwhelmingly to support the agreement to sell itself to the studio… 121 palabras más

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'Power Rangers' Alpha 5 Toy Confirms He Has A Gut

Just a few days ago, concept art for the redesign of Alpha 5, Zordon’s loyal companion from the upcoming reboot of Power Rangers hit the web per… 165 palabras más


Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield And Bill Mechanic On The 15-Year Ordeal To Scale 'Hacksaw Ridge'

When Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield gather to speak on their WWII film Hacksaw Ridge, each has jetted into LA from Europe, where they are making other movies. 2.770 palabras más