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Obrigado, Lisboa

I left Berlin in a rush and arrived in Lisbon in a calm state of mind. That’s me in a nutshell: balancing chaos and calm. 408 palabras más

Passport To Adventure

Colorful Lisbon

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve written something here, but worry not. I am back. Back to tell you a story about my short getaway to the colorful city of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. 2.499 palabras más

Travel Stories

6 must sees if you visit Lisbon on Foot

I recently visited Lisbon and spent hours beforehand researching where to go and what to see – unfortunately because I was only there for two full days it was difficult to do everything I had read whilst ensuring I had seen Lisbon city! 754 palabras más



Como seria se substituíssemos a pedra de uma cidade por outra diferente? O xisto lasca-se, forra os telhados das aldeias de montanha que há espalhadas por esse miolo de Portugal, a alvura do mármore que só se encontra nesse triângulo do Alentejo quase ofusca o visitante num dia de verão: o Porto é granítico, mais denso, de uma beleza austera e fortificada, Lisboa descansa à margem do Tejo, branca, calcária e luminosa, como alguém que se deita a apanhar sol… Pois que seria se trocassem a rocha de uma cidade por outra – se o Porto fosse sedimentar e Lisboa magmática?

André Almeida Paiva, fugas


Another city of seven hills: Lisbon

The blue church and trolley wires at the edge of the Baixa neighborhood

Having spent some hours scanning through my photographs from my recent trip to Barcelona and Lisbon, with side trips to Gerona and Sintra; gathering selects, retouching, etc, I wasn’t sure where to begin. 231 palabras más


Pequenos Milagres

Cara Clarinha,

A little story.  I managed to finish Pequenos Milagres by the deadline for the Yamagata festival in Japan, May 15.   I did have some problems getting there, with my computer crashing during the night, and getting a final render done at 7 a.m. 397 palabras más

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