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Man Made Pond

Frayed rope hanging from hooks
in the shed.
A sandbox overgrown with weeds like
a graveyard for half buried action figures
forgotten about by their owners. 75 palabras más

Creative Writing

Andreas Emberikos Greek poet 1901-1975

Now he is an interesting fellow for not only was he a Greek surrealist and this is not something you would usually associate with Greece; he was also the first Greek psychoanalyst. 642 palabras más


This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay; book review

As I’ve recently been deciding whether I want to go into medicine once I have finished my current degree, my interest in medicine based books have also increased. 352 palabras más


The True Cost

The cost of a thing is the amount
of what I will call life which is
required to be exchanged for it,
immediately or in the long run. 8 palabras más


رمان «خورشید»

دوستان، اگر کسی مایل است، به من ایمیل بزند که بخش نخست رمان «خورشید» را (حدود بیست فصل اول) برایش بفرستم.


top 5 recommendation | impulse buys

I try to stick to only buying books that I know that I want. I get so many recommendations from bloggers and Twitter that I just can’t immediately buy any book that I hear of! 393 palabras más


Summer Night

A child is singing down the street,

echoes off walls haunting

the ghosts of cars screaming

falling apart in rustulets, pealing

eating through the grey pavement… 105 palabras más