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I am a paradox. Whenever someone asks me to describe myself that is where I always start: I am a paradox. I am wholly one thing while also being wholly the opposite in almost every aspect of my personality. 591 palabras más


5 Days of Thankful : Day 3

Today I am thankful for the little things.

It is the little things that really add up to make life one big happy thing!

The little things like waking up with both my dogs cuddled on the bed with me waiting for the time to get up. 114 palabras más

The Simple Things

Fun With the Activity Jumper

It is so much fun watching the boys grow and learn new things every day! Sometimes they both learn to do something at the same time, whereas other times one of them learns something a few days or even weeks before the other one. 92 palabras más

Appreciating the small things in life

In a society where very few of us are afforded the luxury of having plenty of time on our hands, it can become all too easy to slip into auto-pilot: working, sleeping, socialising, working some more… you know the drill. 597 palabras más

November 16th,2017

Thursday, an underrated day of the week.

The highlight of the day: My discussion with my best friend:

We need to focus more on the little things and forget the studies and school for a bit. 134 palabras más


Year of "Firsts'

Why NOW ?

More than 13 years of exposure to internet…

10 years in IT industry….

Obvious question is why now, Why I am writing my first blog now ? 489 palabras más


Art as Transformative

Having been three years really since I studied art, in my AP Art History Class Junior year of high school, and two since my last real trip to a museum, my soul fluttered with excitement a little as I made my way to the Museum of Fine Arts on a brisk fall Boston day. 471 palabras más