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Essential Cargo

Lock lust. Do away with brain. Pack up yourself. Leave essence to lead the way – to ether.

[It’s Him, again, with his messages from the other side.]


Lobby Ceiling before collapse (circa 2013)

Lobby Ceiling before collapse (circa 2013)

That is as it used to be. Everyone waits for the restoration that seems to be near.

Photo courtesy of Robert Satz.


Aquarius Condominium President's Progress Report

Aquarius Condominium President’s Progress Report

Hollywood, Florida, February 6, 2015


As a follow up to my previous commitment, this is the first of many… 275 palabras más

Board Of Directors

Politicians and marketers: two peas in a pot?

As a person, organization or company you make make marketing decisions, based on what you want others to perceive about you. You bring to light to what you want to talk about, to convince them of something. 428 palabras más


Killer Instinct Open Lobby: Feb 2 2016

Matches recorded from my open lobby. Hoping to make this a regular thing on Mondays at 8pm-10pm GMT. Bring your best combos, tech, and character customizations! 45 palabras más


Shabby lobby

Bár már a tavasz idén párszor megmutatta magát, még mindig várat magára, s kivárja, amíg a hideg téli napok után már szinte szomjazzuk a márciusi napfényt. 223 palabras más


The Room Sathorn

The Room Sathorn

Location : Pan Rd, Silom, Bangkok
Interior Design : DWP Cityspace Thailand