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Tunisia Sousse, June 26 2015: The attacker used grenades as well, but...

Tijdens de aanval in Sousse (Tunesië) zijn zogezegd granaten gegooid in de receptie van het hotel. Ik zie alleen nergens gesneuvelde ruiten. 

During the attack on the hotel in Sousse, Tunisia, the attacker also threw some grenades in the hotel lobby. 180 palabras más


'Thanks to CAFOD, I'm not missing out on the world.'

Orla, from London, recently spent a week volunteering at the CAFOD Romero House office. Find out why she thinks young people care about climate change, and who inspired her during her time with the CAFOD team. 901 palabras más


Phase 2 Ready for Concrete Restoration

Phase 2 of Concrete Restoration is almost ready for concrete pour

Some news on the ongoing projects at Aquarius:

–  Gym expected to reopen mid July 2015, new dry walls, paint and heavy-duty carpet. 230 palabras más


Meeting lobby incorrectly shows users in an inactive meeting


After disconnecting all users from a call and refreshing the Meeting lobby page, user(s) may still appear in the Manage Attendees section. Clicking Manage Attendees opens the pop-up window stating that there are no active participants. 91 palabras más


Students from Blessed William Howard Speak Up For the Love Of

Students from Blessed William Howard Catholic High School travelled from Wolverhampton to London on the day of the Speak Up For The Love Of climate lobby to meet their MP. 328 palabras más

Climate Change

Will the “Gay Mafia” Take Over America Again?

From New Eastern Outlook, by Gordon Duff, Jun 2015

A while ago Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration was arrested by the FBI for fraud and money laundering charges. 1.265 palabras más


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