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RU students lobby in Springfield for higher education funding

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter

In the midst of the ongoing budget debacle in Springfield, a small group of students from Roosevelt University went to the state’s capitol to partake in Student Advocacy Day and lobby for funding of higher education in Illinois on Thursday, April 20. 428 palabras más


BoF MP Lobby

The PCS Parliamentary Group has secured a Westminster Backbenchers’ Debate on Building Our Future on Thursday 28th April, with a PCS Parliamentary Lobby taking place prior to the debate on Tuesday 26th April. 446 palabras más


Tan Lines District Main Questline: Show Me Your Tan Lines

Hey there Sun Burnt Bodies!

With the New Tan Lines District now in the game for all Players, I wanted to focus back on the Main Questline for the District,  551 palabras más

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

Referendum, Eni e il fallimento di una classe dirigente

C’è un aspetto, nella campagna referendaria che si è appena conclusa, che più mi ha colpito. Non si è trattato di un aspetto marginale, ma di un argomento centrale di tutta la campagna promossa dalle Regioni e uno dei punti piu’ attinenti e solo apparentemente meno strumentali della campagna in favore del “Si”. 686 palabras más

Classe Dirigente