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La vapeur délivre du mal

21 mai 2016, je n’ai plus le droit ici de dire le fond de ma pensée. J’ai pourtant mon opinion sur les nettoyeurs vapeur ! 811 palabras más

Off to Houses of Parliament to lobby for #AccessAllAreas

Woof woof! I’m guide dog Fletcher and I’m wagging my tail as I’m putting together this blog. I’m excited. On Wednesday 25 May, I’m off to the Houses of Parliament to join 100 guide dogs lobbying for “AccessAllAreas”. 461 palabras más


Interview on East Staffs People's TV

I was interviewed about the current situation in Palestine by East Staffs People’s TV on 3 May 2016

Watch here


Alderwoman Wants to Put Lobbyist Back In Lobby

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A St. Louis alderwoman wants to drive lobbyists off the floor of the board of aldermen.

Related story: Ban on Lobbyist Gifts Passes Missouri House Committee… 160 palabras más


Photo Album 2016 Week 18: Seoul - Metro Hotel Myeong-Dong Lobby

Myeongdong Metro Hotel Lobby
Nikon D610, 29mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 2500

I last visited Seoul in 2014. I certainly was not expecting a return this year. 189 palabras más


Lobbying: una legge non basta ma è necessaria

 Articolo pubblicato su L’Espresso

In Italia si aspetta da anni una normativa sui gruppi di pressione. Perché senza regole prevalgono sempre gli interessi dei più forti. 634 palabras más

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