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Watercolor: Ever been inside of the Lee Building?

I had been meaning to go into the lobby of the Lee Building in Silver Spring, MD because I really liked the outside architecture.

I did and found these cool lighting fixtures. 16 palabras más

Fine Art

Unique Fitness Lounge Pubtables

Give your members that feeling of home when relaxing after a workout. Our interchangeable logo furniture can be used to promote special classes or promotions or to create additional revenue by branding with suppliers logos.  47 palabras más


Kazakh lobbying in Switzerland is now dead

Several recent scandals have thrown the spotlight on efforts to influence Swiss parliamentarians by the regime of president Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan. The authoritarian Central Asian state commonly uses such lobbying methods, as it tries to improve its image in the West.



Sull'ubertosità della concorrenza

Ma come, proprio ora che c’è Renzi, si chiude al liberismo?

È notizia di ieri la sentenza milanese che fermerà UberPop, l’app di car sharing… 481 palabras más


Give bunnies a lobby on Wordpress!

I say bunnies have a lobby on Care2 – let’s see if they do here on WordPress!

Please sign and share, tweet and post… 91 palabras más


Interview about support for Israel in the new British Government

I was interviewed by Press TV’s the Monarchy about the new British Governments potential attitude to the Palestine / Israel conflict. This can be viewed here