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Amazon spent US$3.2m in Q2 on Washington lobbying effort


Amazon, facing potential criticism of its plan to buy Whole Foods Markets , continued its multi-million lobbying effort – shelling out US$3.2 million in the second quarter of this year – an increase from the US$2.9 million spent in the first three months. 383 palabras más

Money Matters

Nights In New York City

As I’ve said before, New York City is one of my favorite places in the world. Give me any excuse to go, and I’m there. 489 palabras más


3/?/2017 - Answering Phones

I had a dream I was answering phones in a hotel lobby. I saw my old trainer from work. I do customer service for a satellite tv company right now makes sense why I had a dream like this.

Israel’s double standards about boycotts do not advance peace

First published by the Arab Weekly on 16/7/2017

It is quite hypocritical for Israel to reject BDS while boycotting others for taking legal and moral positions in support of the Palestinians. 613 palabras más


Character Selection from a Lobby in Unity

Here is a continuation of sorts from my Character Selection tutorial.  This time the avatars are chosen in a lobby – where everyone has to wait before the game begins. 2.083 palabras más


Wendy's hidden messages? Vast sins revealed in Palm Beach County

First people spotted a hidden message with the word “Mom” around the neck of burger icon Wendy.

Then came a startling confession of sins on a massive corporate scale beside the counter of a busy Wendy’s location in western Palm Beach County this week. 228 palabras más


Non-Sequiturs: 07.07.17

* Indiana Jones v. Hobby Lobby. JUSTICE ALITO delivered the opinion of the court. As applied to closely held corporations, regulations prohibiting the purchase of stolen antiquities violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which clearly states the Christian companies like Hobby Lobby can indirectly fund ISIS should the black market or stolen artifacts have Continue reading “Non-Sequiturs: 07.07.17” 8 palabras más

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