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Star Wars Han Solo Lobby Card - 1977

Star Wars Han Solo Lobby Card – 1977

The movie blockbuster introduces the epic adventure of hero Luke Skywalker as he leads the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. 22 palabras más

Purley Parishioners Speak Up about climate change at Harvest

Last week, over 100 Purley parishioners gathered for a Harvest celebration which hoped to raise awareness food waste and environmental issues.

On Sunday 9 October, parishioners from St John the Baptist, Purley, gathered for a Harvest Festival where they made rosaries out of conkers, held quizzes, and played board games, which was accompanied by homemade soup, cakes and bakes. 415 palabras más


Lobbying for lobbyists

Lobbying for Lobbyists

By Shardul G., phoenix, AZ

Even though we may not understand the details, most people are familiar with how a bill becomes a law. 669 palabras más

Places And Forms Of Power

After the Third Convention - what next?

The Convention for Higher Education met at University College London on 15 October.

This Third Convention was a working meeting discussing the Government’s Higher Education and Research Bill and organising against it. 689 palabras más

Higher Education

Why we like Corbyn: Jewish Lobby in America Pushes Bill to Monitor European "Anti-Semites". We must unite all against the jewish lobby that wants to use the americans against us and against the american patriots.

They hate patriots and they hate leftists who are pro-Palestine. The real enemy is the jewish lobby: enemies of the patriots, enemies of the pro-Palestine leftists, enemies of free speech, enemies of Russia and Assad, enemies of peace in the world, enemies of the historians who don’t obey them and their lies. 109 palabras más

Organic Trade Association: Lobby group under activist fire for supporting federal GMO labeling

The Organic Trade Association (OTA), the central trade group and lobby group for the organic food and farming industry, is under fire from more radical organic activists because of its support for the bi-partisan mandatory GMO labeling bill signed into last in July. 94 palabras más

US-based BDS group seeks to lobby Congress (VERY GOOD!!!!)

A campaign by a Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions organization called “The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation” to lobby members of Congress against Israel on Capitol Hill has raised concern in Jerusalem and among pro-Israel organizations who view the step as a flagrant escalation in anti-Israel efforts in the United States. 694 palabras más

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