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So Sayeth the Odinson: Orion vs. Lobo

Greetings from the Odinson,

The Brawl for it All! The pillars of heaven will shake tonight! The Scion of Apokolips meets the Scourge of the Cosmos as we bear witness to a clash of titans! 1.229 palabras más

So Sayeth The Odinson With Michael Breakfield

May 15 - The Wolf Sings About The Dog?

“You just won’t understand those times unless you lived them.” The sentiment may well be one we will have when telling younger ones about 2020 in years to come, but the quote was about the Vietnam-era 1960s, and the speaker was a singer who captured the feel of the times very nicely. 588 palabras más

Artist Profiles


Compré este ELSEWORLD publicado en el año 2000 casi veinte años después más para poder obtener la firma de Simon Bisley, quien se presentaba el año pasado en la Ciudad de México en La Mole que por ganas de leerlo. 658 palabras más


So Good To Be Bad

What is it with so called “bad guys” and don’t worry this won’t be linked to the Billie Eilish song of the same name. In modern day, audiences tend to turn to the morally grey characters instead of the white nights that populated classic cinema. 1.239 palabras más


LOBO | A Simple Man

“A Simple Man”

Where do butterflies go when it rains?
Who goes around & tucks in the trains?
What makes a teddy bear like to sleep? 113 palabras más


DC Characters Whose Movies Are Overdue

Batman is MY FAVORITE comic character. He’s just perfect.

Not only that, he’s the second most valuable property DC comics and best comic character (according to several online polls) for a number of years consistently. 568 palabras más


May I Please See the Manager?

I had another weird dream last night. It started out normal enough… but it took a turn.

The extended family of my childhood had all gotten together to have dinner at this seafood restaurant that we were apparently very familiar with. 766 palabras más