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The Invitation (2015)

Longer version of piece published by Sight & Sound as part of coverage of the Cult programme at the London Film Festival 2015

A cult following is something that takes time to build, so calling a new film ‘cult’ involves a certain degree of crystal ball gazing and quixoticism – unless of course an actual cult forms part of its narrative texture, in which case the label inevitably fits. 292 palabras más

Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 60) – Prometheus

Even though the prequel to the “Alien” franchise poses more questions than it answers, those questions are very interesting and provide a fresh, open base to start a new series from.


'The Invitation'

Es habitual, cuando se es un espectador asiduo del Festival de Sitges, que cada año aparezca una película de pretensiones pequeñas y sin grandes nombres, que por méritos propios consigue meterse al público en el bolsillo. 492 palabras más



Director Karyn Kusama Producers Martha Griffin, Phil Hay, Nick Spicer Screenwriters Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi Starring Michiel Huisman, Logan Marshall-Green, John Carroll Lynch Country Of Origin… 484 palabras más

Girls On Film

/slash 2015 - Day 1: The Invitation

The Invitation
USA 2015
Written by Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi
Directed by Karyn Kusama
Watched on 17.09.2015

At every party – dinner or otherwise – there has to be a party pooper… and this time, it’s me. 1.366 palabras más

Movie Reviews

Shyamalan Week: Devil


As those who know me, and if such a person exists, cyberstalk me, know I created this blog after writing on another site, which shall remain nameless, for a while. 676 palabras más


MADAME BOVARY (2015) review

written by: Rose Barreneche and Sophie Barthes
produced by: Sophie Barthes, Felipe Marino, Jaime Mateus-Tique & Joe Neurauter directed by: Sophie Barthes
rating: R for some sexuality/nudity… 829 palabras más