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Damnation (S01E04) "The Emperor of Ice Cream"

Coming off of the success of the Riley Farm auction, Seth and Amelia try to bring the strike to an end while they feel they have the bargaining power.  638 palabras más

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Damnation (S01E03) "One Penny"

This episode of Damnation shows how deep the hypocrisy of the midwest really runs as it opens with an All American family with its mother, father, and six boys.  356 palabras más

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Damnation (S01E02) "Of Doom"

The battle for a good wage continues as the town deals with the aftermath of seeing Seth’s message at the end of the last episode when he nailed Sam Riley’s body to the door of the bank.  549 palabras más

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Damnation (S01E01) "Sam Riley's Body"

USA’s latest show premiered and is already off with a bang, with a high body count and lots of action last Tuesday night.  Set in Iowa in the 1930s, the show follows a shady cast in a town where no one is as they seem. 287 palabras más

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'Damnation' Review: Damn Shame How Flat This Depression-Era USA Drama Is

Debuting tonight on USA Network, Damnation is a heartland-set tale straight out of the Great Depression that unfortunately ends up being as flat as the Great Plains themselves. 227 palabras más

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The Invitation

Most marriages do not survive the death of a child. The tragedy of such an intense and intimate grief has a way of pulling people in different directions, creating an unbridgeable distance between them. 978 palabras más


Discussing Horror Movies (Part 1): Gateways, Themes & Motivations

Why do we love horror movies? What makes them so cathartic? My friend Pat and I begin to scratch the surface of these and other questions in Part 1 of our wide-ranging horror movie conversation. 2.555 palabras más