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Funny Japanese GungHo Commercial!

This commercial from GungHo is usually what happens when I’m down in Apex Legends or Fortnite, hahaha! I think we have all been there.

This Japanese commercial from GungHo reminds me of all the times I'm down in…

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Religious leaders call on eco-consciousness

In recent years, religious leaders have weighed in over environmental concerns, incorporating religious practices with pro-environmental behaviors and encouraging their followers to adopt eco-conscious living. 766 palabras más

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Printing, BeastMaster and it's done

Printing out all the patterns and the Period Party stuff at the office.

Beast Master.

Weird perfume name. IT’S DONE.

Greatest Game-Show Fails

Bloopers return to the lighter side of life, specifically the game show drivel that comes from contestants without an iota of thought. Take a contestant on “Family Feud,” who was asked to name a kind of bear. 17 palabras más


Video: Guide - How Social Distancing Rules Are Created - 21st Century Wire

Confused about social distancing guidelines? Feel like you’re getting mixed messages from government health officials and media?

“Perhaps this is how social distancing rules are created.

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