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This is the pandemic reality in Peru ...

Peruvian flag

At the beginning of Peru’s Covid-19 quarantine, I started a daily Facebook post with pictures and quick notes of how we were handling the lockdown.  2.386 palabras más

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Fan Into Flames

The following is a Scripture reflection that I wrote a few years ago for Wycliffe’s annual devotional book, “When God’s Word Speaks.”   It was published on Wycliffe’s Web page on September 30, 2016… 514 palabras más

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Peruvian mangos... from the chacra to a Kroger near you

Last time we were in Ohio, I was surprised to find so many different fruits and vegetables in the local Kroger store with stickers that said they had come all the way from Peru! 762 palabras más

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Sunday of the Cross ... The Extirpation of Idolatry?

Pablo José de Arriaga, a Spanish Jesuit missionary to South America between 1585 – 1622, was given the task of uprooting indigenous religions in Peru.    796 palabras más

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