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To My Favorite Person

You. You are the sole reason why I’m still writing.


Your love

Your love
By sage de amor
The love I feel for you
Can’t be bought
The way I treat you
Can’t be taught
Next to you… 110 palabras más


Low Orbit (Poem)

You are the brilliant jewel of my eye
A lover’s ruby uplifted in the sky

I would gladly pull down a star for you
If you told me that you wanted me to… 82 palabras más



To my dear Love

I used to count no blessing
Till you became a part of me

I kept counting the broken pieces of my heart, 245 palabras más


A Real Dream Come True

If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough! Dream bigger!Every night I went to sleep,

I had this reoccurring dream. 110 palabras más