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I finished watching a few extras / OVAs. Interestingly, all of them are filler-type extras, so aren’t really needed in the main anime, but they’re fun little things to watch and should be treated as post-epilogue things to watch. 301 palabras más


Love Stage!! midway impression

Take a gander into procrastination land.

O_O oh my goodness a boy love anime that doesn’t pander to the lowest denominator!

Here is the set up: 349 palabras más


Why I Cosplay: Izumi Sena

We me up with Hitomi Chan from Hitomi Chan Cosplay rocking her Izumi cosplay. This interview was definitely fun and we got a very interesting perspective from a person who cosplays as well as models. 8 palabras más


Anime Review - Love stage!!

Genres: shonen-ai, rom-com

WARNING: Spoilers, duh. Though if you skip the summary and the middle part, you should be relatively save.. I hope. No guarantees, though. 936 palabras más


Review: Love Stage

Uwah~ it’s been so long since I’ve tried a new BL.This brings back memories.

If you had the leisure to visit my MAL, you’d know that there was a period when I’d been so fascinated over yaoi manga. 1.230 palabras más


Manga Review: Love Stage!!

‘Lo! This is CM with my first blog entry. I decided to review this because while I was going through the reviews of this manga on MAL I noticed something. 992 palabras más

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