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Love Stage!! midway impression

Take a gander into procrastination land.

O_O oh my goodness a boy love anime that doesn’t pander to the lowest denominator!

Here is the set up: 349 palabras más


Why I Cosplay: Izumi Sena

We me up with Hitomi Chan from Hitomi Chan Cosplay rocking her Izumi cosplay. This interview was definitely fun and we got a very interesting perspective from a person who cosplays as well as models. 8 palabras más


Love Stage OVA Mini Review (Spoliers Welcomed)

Love Stage OVA Mini Review

One of my favorite Anime’s that had to be released in the summer season of 2014 would have to be Love Stage. 199 palabras más

Love Stage

Anime Review - Love stage!!

Genres: shonen-ai, rom-com

WARNING: Spoilers, duh. Though if you skip the summary and the middle part, you should be relatively save.. I hope. No guarantees, though. 936 palabras más


Review: Love Stage

Uwah~ it’s been so long since I’ve tried a new BL.This brings back memories.

If you had the leisure to visit my MAL, you’d know that there was a period when I’d been so fascinated over yaoi manga. 1.230 palabras más


Manga Review: Love Stage!!

‘Lo! This is CM with my first blog entry. I decided to review this because while I was going through the reviews of this manga on MAL I noticed something. 992 palabras más

Asuka Ciel

The Beginner’s Guide to Anime, Extra IV – Yaoi: The World’s Most Feminist Pornography?

I’ve written a special “Beginner’s Guide to Anime” article about yaoi. I am interested to see whether or not people consider yaoi to be feminist, because it is created for women, by women. 21 palabras más