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Wordle 484: sad stories of their lives, rose and wall

a yellow rose by the road side

From the start, they know these are the sad stories of their lives. Their relationship is like two persons separated by a… 117 palabras más



The following article is an abbreviation of a great article that needs wide circulation at this time. The book of Revelation: A Love Story! October 20th, 2020 by Rob Dalrymple on the Patheos website… 324 palabras más

Christian Life

Skate Into Love: A Drama On My Recommended

Skate Into Love is a Chinese Drama that somehow found its way onto my recommended videos on YouTube. Now, I initially wasn’t sure about it because it’s a sports drama involving Hockey and Shorttrack Speed Skating. 272 palabras más


#আবিৰ খণ্ড (১৫)

মূৰটো হাতেৰে খামুচি সজোৰে চিঞঁৰি দিছো মই।
কেনেকৈ ইমান দুৰ্বল হৈ পৰিলো মই।অনিৰুদ্ধৰ অকণমান খং, সামান্য অভিমানত মই গলি গ’লো কেনেকৈ!
ছ’ৰীও কৈছো মই কাৰোবাক, মই??? 1.135 palabras más

Love Story

Lover wife,

No mask ridding in a car,



Standing over me,

Just a poet,

Only one lung,

And of that just the top,

Disease took all of other lung, 195 palabras más


A Love Story!

I heard this tune played the other day, and I was thinking what is that song? I heard it before so many times – but I don’t actually know the origin, well anyhow, its from the 1970 movie “Love Story” considered by many to be the most romantic film of all time, or one of them. 680 palabras más

(Bukan) Waktu yang salah

Judul kisah ini terinspirasi dari lagu Fiersa Besari yang berjudul “waktu yang salah”. Iya, manusia memang senang sekali mencari objek lain untuk disalahkan saat hati dan keadaan telah menaruh mereka pada dalamnya luka karena harap hehe… 242 palabras más

Love Story