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Recycled wood x

I love books.

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But I hate the back-to-front book thing. Though it works sparklingly well as a visual metaphor for everything that is tragic about our modern culture. 6 palabras más


Is Confidence the Key to Dating Successfully?

After yet another unsuccessful romantic encounter I’m sure I’m not the only one to have questioned myself as to the reasons for my failure in this all important area of life. 892 palabras más


Feel Gratitude

“When you express gratitude and appreciation, you change your mindset.

When you feel grateful for everything you have, no matter how small it is,

and you allow yourself to FEEL this gratitude, you will receive more of what you are asking for.”

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comfort zone.

That little zone is mine, purely mine,
Don’t take it from me.
That little zone is my escape from this world,
Don’t stop me from going there. 70 palabras más


Emerging From The Cocoon

On a Thursday night in May, God showed me one of His many miracles in His creation. He is so good.

I had the most exciting opportunity. 673 palabras más


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So amazing! I am in love with this post and had to share. Witness the beautiful transformation of one of God's creatures. <3 *I will be turning comments off here so if this speaks to you the way it did to me please visit Following Him and show them the love! :) <3

Happy Thanksgiving!

SHE and I are Thankful for your Friendship…BAYL…