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23 de Julho,2017 por ClaudiaVannini - #LUA NOVA em Leão - July,23rd,2017

Energia não falta! #LUA NOVA em Leão acompanhada do Sol, Mercúrio, Nodo Lunar e Marte. Todos no mesmo signo. É a vida no seu ápice. Aumento do amor pela vida e confiança em si. 117 palabras más

NodeMCU and a tricolour led

I’m on a project that requires some feedback after the operation is made. I cannot use an LCD because they are only two pins left and almost no memory. 1.118 palabras más

ESP 8266

Vector Math in Codea with Box2D. Simon's own code.

Simon built a program in Codea visualizing the absolute value of a vector:


Suricata 4.0.0-rc2 ready for testing!

We are proud to announce that the second release candidate for the upcoming Suricata 4.0.0 is ready for your testing.

We’re aiming for a final 4.0.0 release about 2 weeks from now. 211 palabras más


Pong translated from Codea into Processing

Simon translating the game of Pong from Codea (Lua) into Processing (Java).


What a LÖVEly API!

Ever since I gave up on making my own game engine through C++ and Libretro bindings, I took another thorough look at Lua and LÖVE. 252 palabras más


Lead Infrastructure (DevOps) - Delhi - (4-7 yrs)


• Lead a team that builds automation tools to support the Dev and QA teams

• Deploy the services that drive our communications solutions… 291 palabras más