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The birth of a creature of human fantasy, a birth which is a step across the threshold between nothing and eternity, can also happen suddenly, occasioned by some necessity.

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Április 19-től 23-ig színes, többnyelvű programsorozattal készül a szabadkai Kosztolányi Dezső Színház!

Az intézmény koprodukciós partnerként vesz részt egy nemzetközi projektben az Ivan pl. Zajc Horvát Nemzeti Színházzal, a Temesvári Állami Német Színházzal, a trieszti Szlovén Repertoárszínházzal, valamint a szkopjei Nemzeti Intézeti Albán Színházzal karöltve. 676 palabras más


Friday Flashback #83

Buell Neidlinger — longtime “06880” reader and commenter/Westport native/world-renowned musician/all-around good guy — died last week. He was 82 years old.

Three days before his sudden death, he emailed me a suggestion for a Friday Flashback. 192 palabras más


“Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.” —Luigi Pirandello.

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More Literature in Translation

As Black Forest Bookshop continues to grow, I am increasing my focus around literature in translation. It is most often what I read for reasons I find myself never quite sure how to explain. 78 palabras más

Literature In Translation

Truth is ... a breath

Our current misbegotten Lords of Misrule, like all ignorant, absolutist omphalopsychites, hold the view that empirical facts are evanescent but Truth, as it occurs to them, is immutable, such that all values, ideals, ethics and laws can be derived from it. 555 palabras más