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LIVE: Lula Supporters Rally in Sao Paulo

Supporters of former Brazilian President Lula da Silva rally in Sao Paulo on July 20th to protest labour and social security reforms of the present administration. 11 palabras más


Lula da Silva, condenado a nueve años por corrupción

El juez Sergio Moro determinó una condena de 9 años y medio de prisión contra el expresidente de Brasil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva por corrupción. 37 palabras más

PragerU's Dishonesty on Brazil and the Global Recession

One of the YouTube channels that have appeared with immediate popularity due to their budget to advertise their videos, is Prager University. The institution is really no different than any other “anything the government does is socialism” group. 645 palabras más


What Happened to Brazil?

What happened to Brazil (economically-speaking)?  In previous articles, I have already spelled out the problem in so many words.  Brazil did enjoy economic growth for a while, which made them appear as though they were ready to join the grown-ups table of commerce-oriented countries. 465 palabras más


How Socialism Ruined My Country

Is Bernie Sanders right? Are people living under socialism better off? Brazil is a good case study. Felipe Moura Brasil, a journalist and Veja magazine columnist, explains how his country has fared under socialism.

724 palabras más
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Lula da Silva, acusado en caso Odebrecht

El Ministerio Público Federal presentó nuevos cargos por corrupción contra el expresidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, vinculados a las investigaciones en el marco de la operación Lavado de Auto sobre el esquema de sobornos dentro de Petrobras. 35 palabras más