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Mercedes Sosa-Lula, October 13, 2008

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Mercedes Sosa, the great Argentinian singer, has been honored (Spanish) by the Brazilian Government with its maximum award: the Great Cross to the Cultural Merit. 268 palabras más


Brazilian inflation hit double digits for the first time in a dozen years

Brazil’s economy continues to deteriorate.

The country’s statistics department just released its latest batch of inflation numbers (link in Portuguese). The data show prices increased 10.3% in November from the same time a year earlier, the fastest pace since 2003 and also the first reading above 10% since that time. 269 palabras más

Lula-Amazonas, February 15, 2008

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As the World gets more and more conscious of the risk of global warming, there are voices claiming for international concern in the current Amazonia deforesting course. 108 palabras más


Brazil police want to question former president Silva

SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazil’s Supreme Court on Friday said that federal police have asked for its permission to question former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for possible involvement in the kickback scheme that has engulfed state-owned oil company Petrobras. 763 palabras más

Latin America & The Caribbean

Lula-Unger, May 4, 2007

Despite Argentina’s economic performance in the last five years, which has drowned IMF prestige and academic forecast, some people retort to other places for a “model”. 342 palabras más


Alckmin-Lula, December 19, 2006

In October there were more than one article about the ongoing elections in Brazil. Some of them got excited with the performance of opponent Alckmin against incumbent President ‘Lula’ da Silva after the first round. 456 palabras más


Lula da Silva Praises Normalization of Relations between Cuba and USA

Brasilia, Dec 19  –  Brazilian expresident Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva praised the decision of the Governments of Cuba and the United States to resume diplomatic relations while urging US Congress to end the blockade on Cuba. 90 palabras más