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Brazil Coup: First Exclusive Dilma Rousseff Interview Since Impeachment

May 19, 2016. Unseated Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has spoken to RT in her first TV interview since being suspended from office by the country’s Senate. 88 palabras más


The Struggle for Brazil

Brazil, a pivotal state of the Western Hemisphere, and one of the pivotal states of the world is in trouble. It is in trouble because it is not totally independent despite the fact that it is a member of the BRICS block and MERCOSUR. 366 palabras más


President Dilma's Crucifixion, or Dilma and Cristo, by Gabriel C Banda

President Dilma’s Crucifixion, or “Dilma and the Cristo”


Gabriel C Banda

IN Brazil, Dilma Rousseff is on the cross. In the land of the graceful statue of Cristo Redentor, Christ the Redeemer, there seems to be a crucifixion taking place. 793 palabras más

"It's a Coup!" Cries Dilma

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff today denounced what she said was an attempted coup against her — and accused the Vice-President (who is from another party) of being one of the “plotters”. 231 palabras más

Brazil's Crisis: Tragedy or Farce?

The resignation of Brazil’s Sports Minister, George Hilton, just four months before the Rio Olympics are due to start, has added another twist to the tortuous political crisis that the country has been suffering in recent months. 402 palabras más

Brazil: Check Mate for Dilma?

Today in Brazil the largest party in the country’s ruling Coalition, the PMDB (Brazilian Democratic Mvcement Party), pulled out, declaring that the game is up for President Dilma Rousseff. 224 palabras más

Brazil Color Revolution: Corruption, Dilma, Lula, Zika, Rio Olympics and BRICS. Lada Ray Report and Predictions

#foradilma #foraPT: “Out Dilma!” “Out PT! So, ‘Brazil Spring’ is on, color revolution is in progress!

Ah, and don’t say I haven’t warned you about that! 6.918 palabras más