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Bolsonaro is the fruit of Alphabet Politics in Brazil, says Lula.

(Editor’s note: Alphabet Politics is the system of multi-party politics in Brazil, there are around 20 major political parties in Brazil today, it is not a two party system like in the USA.) 167 palabras más


“The bosses of operation car wash are degenerates,” says Lula in Paraiba

The ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called those responsible for running Operation Car Wash, Lava Jato, degenerates.

In a speech this Sunday night, the 26th, Lula adamantly stated that none of the degenerates had the courage to point out that they have wronged Lula. 430 palabras más


“A Death in Brazil: A Book of Omissions”, by Peter Robb, Bloomsbury.

Courtesy Bloomsbury publishing
If I were to trawl through my notebooks, through the shapeless lumps of bytes that make the impalpable documents folder in my laptop’s solid-state drive, I’d find a page, or many a .docx files, titled exactly like this post. 705 palabras más
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Brazil: Temer Holds On

Last evening was quite surreal. I was at a local working men’s health club in Fortaleza where, in one room, men were taking part in a karaoke competition, while in another, people were crowded round a TV screen, watching a live broadcast from Brazil’s lower House of Congress in Brasilia. 309 palabras más

Lula da Silva, condenado a nueve años por corrupción

El juez Sergio Moro determinó una condena de 9 años y medio de prisión contra el expresidente de Brasil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva por corrupción. 37 palabras más

PragerU's Dishonesty on Brazil and the Global Recession

One of the YouTube channels that have appeared with immediate popularity due to their budget to advertise their videos, is Prager University. The institution is really no different than any other “anything the government does is socialism” group. 645 palabras más