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Lula-Unger, May 4, 2007

Despite Argentina’s economic performance in the last five years, which has drowned IMF prestige and academic forecast, some people retort to other places for a “model”. 342 palabras más


Alckmin-Lula, December 19, 2006

In October there were more than one article about the ongoing elections in Brazil. Some of them got excited with the performance of opponent Alckmin against incumbent President ‘Lula’ da Silva after the first round. 456 palabras más


Lula da Silva Praises Normalization of Relations between Cuba and USA

Brasilia, Dec 19  –  Brazilian expresident Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva praised the decision of the Governments of Cuba and the United States to resume diplomatic relations while urging US Congress to end the blockade on Cuba. 90 palabras más


Presidente Rousseff: O Brasil não tem uma posição sobre a Ucrânia

Esta matéria sobre a reunião do G-20 na Austrália apareceu no jornal O Globo e basicamente contém uma declaração da presidente Rousseff sobre a atual situação na Ucrânia – O Brasil, segundo a mandatária não tem uma posição formada. 618 palabras más

Ecuador hoping to learn from Brazil on social welfare policy

Ecuador has reduced poverty and inequality in recent years, but now it is looking to go one further by emulating the most successful Latin American country of them all: Brazil. 982 palabras más


A Critical Look At a World Famous Welfare Program

Hailed by The Economist as a “much admired and emulated anti-poverty program”, the signature legislation of Brazil’s last president Lula da Silva was the Bolsa Família (Family Allowance) program. 551 palabras más


Brazilians Love Their Catastrophes

This was the headline of a report from the Rio correspondent of Die Zeit, Thomas Fischermann, on Wednesday, July 9. The disastrous World Cup defeat by Germany on Brazil’s home ground – 7-1 – was a truly “Brazilian moment,” he writes. 191 palabras más