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Lumine Review

Okay, first review for a brand-new blog. Let’s do this.

Name: Lumine
Publisher: Self published through LWD
Format: Webtoon
Amount Read at Time of Review: 22 Chapters…
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Emma Krogell

Tonkatsu Maisen, Part 2 (to go!), Lumine 1, Shibuya

Since the restaurant was so good, I was curious about its to-go counter in the basement of a department store.

The tonkatsu bento. I think it also had croquettes at the top left, I forget. 113 palabras más


Lumine! Ch.3 He got the force!

It is time to get back to Lumine! After the last chapter I’ve been waiting to get into this new one. If you’d like to read it on your own without my yelling check it out at webtoons. 17 palabras más

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