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Lumine to open first overseas store in Singapore this November


SINGAPORE – Established Japanese fashion mall Lumine will open its first mall outside Japan at Clarke Quay Central this November.

It will occupy about 10,000 sq ft of space on the second floor of the mall, and will offer chic Japanese fashion brands with a focus on versatility, style and comfort. 59 palabras más

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バンコク屋台 カオサン/ Bangok Yatai Kaosan

This has become one of my go-to places when in Shinjuku.  Thai food and it’s right in the station.  It’s always busy with a wait of one or two people.   109 palabras más


Zaku Zaku ザクザク – Crunchy Choux Sticks With Hokkaido Cream Fillings In Tokyo


by admin

Zaku Zaku ザクザク means “crunchy” in Japanese, and is also the name one of the hottest snack you can find in Tokyo. 290 palabras más


Day 5: Potasta ポタスタ

Walked past the Potasta ポタスタ outlet at Shinjuku Lumine Est and the tightly packed sandwiches with generous amount of filling caught my eyes. Most are savoury with a lot of greens (e.g. 58 palabras más


Tonkatsu Maisen, Part 2 (to go!), Lumine 1, Shibuya

Since the restaurant was so good, I was curious about its to-go counter in the basement of a department store.

The tonkatsu bento. I think it also had croquettes at the top left, I forget. 113 palabras más


Lumine! Ch.3 He got the force!

It is time to get back to Lumine! After the last chapter I’ve been waiting to get into this new one. If you’d like to read it on your own without my yelling check it out at webtoons. 17 palabras más

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