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Light: It’s the first thing God created in Genesis. It’s one of the ways that John describes Jesus, “the light of all people.” The Psalmist writes that the light of God’s word is what guides our paths. 259 palabras más


Tokyo: A Little More Color, A Little Less Gloom

I took these photos on a whim and was wondering what I could do with them…that was before I started this blog. Today had been an exhausting day at work and I was looking for something uplifting and colorful when I spotted these. 73 palabras más


Day 1: The Penguins Have Landed!

Day 1, July 8: The Penguins have landed

*indented text = Jo, regular = Brian

A generous tailwind reduced our plane ride by almost an hour, and we arrived at Narita Airport around 1:30pm local time. 291 palabras más