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Phoenix Talks: Webtoons - Currently Running Series

Previously, I talked about some Webcomics I’ve finished, or more popular one-off series. This time I wanted to highlight the ones that are still being made/in-progress/I’m still currently reading. 821 palabras más

WEBTOON: Comic Shoutouts #1

I have never been into comics, and never thought I would ever be into comics, until I came across WEBTOONLINE WEBTOON is an app, and website, that provides comics, manga, and manhwa by talented artists completely for free. 985 palabras más


Rest of My End of Year Lists: Webtoons

I had so much more planned for these lists, but because I’m getting tired, these will be short. The two lists after the first one will not have pictures. 76 palabras más


Webtoon Recommendations

I’ve done a list of LGBT+ comics on Webtoons mainly, but there are plenty of comics I love that don’t necessarily fall into that spectrum. So, here’s just a few of the mass of webcomics I read. 1.261 palabras más


The (Still) Sweet And Gentle Side Of Japanese Fashion

If you think that Japanese fashion is the global sway of Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto, then the newly opened Lumine will offer you the side of… 1.869 palabras más


European Tour Q-School – 2017 Final Stage Results

16th November 2017

Sam HORSFIELD (21) won the 2017 Final Stage of the European Tour Qualifying School at Lumine Golf & Beach Club in Tarragona, Spain. 1.474 palabras más

European Tour