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European Tour Q-School – 2017 Final Stage Results

16th November 2017

Sam HORSFIELD (21) won the 2017 Final Stage of the European Tour Qualifying School at Lumine Golf & Beach Club in Tarragona, Spain. 1.474 palabras más

European Tour

バンコク屋台 カオサン/ Bangok Yatai Kaosan

This has become one of my go-to places when in Shinjuku.  Thai food and it’s right in the station.  It’s always busy with a wait of one or two people.   109 palabras más


Day 5: Potasta ポタスタ

Walked past the Potasta ポタスタ outlet at Shinjuku Lumine Est and the tightly packed sandwiches with generous amount of filling caught my eyes. Most are savoury with a lot of greens (e.g. 58 palabras más


Tonkatsu Maisen, Part 2 (to go!), Lumine 1, Shibuya

Since the restaurant was so good, I was curious about its to-go counter in the basement of a department store.

The tonkatsu bento. I think it also had croquettes at the top left, I forget. 113 palabras más