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... Strawberry macarons - trial and error ...

I have to admit this post is more like an error report than recipe sharing. This was actually the first macaron recipe I tried to create: some strawberry macarons with grounded dried strawberries. 740 palabras más

Halloween Macarons!

Halloween Themed Macarons – Perfect little treat if you want something a little more classy for Halloween! (And they’re super easy to make!!)

Macarons are one of those little treats that I think everyone craves once you get the taste for them… They look daunting, it sounds frightening when you read the method, but they are SO worth it, and are much easier to make than you think! 1.010 palabras más


Inspiration #1

None of these pictures are mine; below every picture is a link to a page where I got it.
Nobena od naslednjih fotografij ni moja; pod vsako se nahaja povezava do strani, kjer sem jo dobila. 39 palabras más


Pumpkin Pie Macarons

You need to make these.

Not making them is really not an option.

They may not be traditional, but they’re such a cute and slightly more sophisticated way to celebrate thanksgiving. 591 palabras más


Coconut & White Chocolate Macarons

So, one year after creating this recipe, I’ve finally typed it out. Yay!

I keep most of my recipes the old-fashioned way: hand-written in a cutesy notebook… 541 palabras más


Third Times a Charm!

Chocolate Macarons
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ganache Filling 


These little suckers are definitely one of the hardest treats I’ve made in a while. 1st attempt ended with hollow shells, but they still tasted good! 1.656 palabras más


Welcome to Fancy Sugar

Fancy Sugar is an online ordering baking site.  I make custom cookies using royal icing.  I also make French style macarons.  Whatever your occasion, these tasty treats will be a big hit! 13 palabras más

Fancy Sugar