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Weekend at the Parents...

So I spent the weekend back at my parents which for me is just an excuse to sit about making jewellery and even more importantly playing with my cat Polly. 189 palabras más

Jewellery Making

Life Hack-Macrame 

Here’s a picture of a project I have been working on this afternoon…

This craft is extremely stress relieving for me. I’ve heard it is the same for many others as well. 39 palabras más

Life Tips & Tricks

Heart Necklace

The other day I made this beautiful necklace. In case you want to make one yourself, I used A LOT of thread and the wave node takes a while to knot. 15 palabras más


Simple Macrame Bracelets: Part 3

I knew it would happen. After posting two days in a row last week it has taken me nearly another week to do another post. But here I am now with part 3 of my macrame tutorials and this time we’re making a bracelet with beads in the centre… 391 palabras más

Jewellery Making

Simple Macrame Bracelets: Part 2

Hi everyone and welcome back to this series of basic macrame bracelet tutorials. This week we are tackling spiral macrame and how to add beads to your bracelets… 458 palabras más

Jewellery Making

Macrame Inspiration...

So as I have now posted the first macrame tutorial (the next one should be up in a few days!) I thought I would spend some time looking round to get some ideas for macrame jewellery making… 190 palabras más

Jewellery Making