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Stones & Macrame

When I was traveling India I couldn’t care less about learning how to do macrame jewelry. I loved to admire them and I bought a necklace but I wasn’t interested in the workshops that teach you how to do it. 114 palabras más


- 2018/57 - macrame wallhanging 2

I’m still knotting.  There’s something meditative in the repetition of the movements, in the soft feel of the rope through the fingers that is quite addictive, in seeing the pattern develop slowly in front of you. 339 palabras más


Macrame Plant Holder

I was recently checking out some workshops at Freewheeling Craft and signed up for the Kick-butt Kokedama ball workshop by @terravelta. The lineup of workshops got me inspired to try my hand at a macrame plant hanger. 247 palabras más

Satiate your Boho Chic Soul with Copper Fringe

When Dia Sughand, a veteran costume designer and stylist in the fashion industry and now a creative entrepreneur heading a cool start-up called Copper Fringe connected with me to get her brand on board my blog for a feature, I was all game for it. 457 palabras más

Home Decor

Blue Crush Wrap Bracelet

I’m totally a summer surfer chick. I hate winter, wetsuits, and the snot sniffles from cold wind and water. Easter’s almost here, which means we finally get to shake the snowbirds and tourists and log some serious morning longboard sessions. 460 palabras más

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Series 1, pt 2 - Bracelets & Anklets (for sale!)

I suppose trying to list everything in my shop all in one post is a bit overwhelming…lol. So, I’m just going to continue with one category at a time. 160 palabras más


Macrame Workshop | 5.15

Plant hangers, fiber art, wall hangings – once known as a decor trend of the 1970’s, has come back in full swing. The fiber craft has deep roots in history, “ 197 palabras más

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