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Update and Habitica

Hi everyone, thought I would show you all a couple of photos of the AMAZING jewellery making kit I am currently working on… very slowly (but more about that later). 290 palabras más


Macrame Plant Hanger

macrame plant hanger

I made this macrame plant hanger using one blue paracord and three clothesline ropes made of gold colored fabric material. It turned out to be good to the eyes and as well as the technique was great making a sturdy plant hanger. 68 palabras más


Plants in Space

It’s out of this world. (That hurt to type.)

Maybe you’re like me and almost kill every plant you touch. I have successfully killed a cactus. 374 palabras más


Friendship Bracelets - #63437 & #75357

Hi y’all,

Creative Watermelon the Blog Edition is BACK!!! I finally found some time to redesign my blog and to delete all of my old blogposts. 281 palabras más


The IC Home

Introducing a new section to my shop: Home Style! The first product to enter this category are these cute mini wall hangings.

I love making large wall hangings because they’re so free form – playing around with colors and textures results in some cool home decor. 52 palabras más


Teen Bohemian Room Ideas

Lately I have been seeing a lot of cute room ideas on Pinterest, most being bohemian style. I want to share with you some of my favorites. 214 palabras más

Macrame Plant Hanger

Way back in the day… The days before cable TV, Game Stations and other unpractical entertainment, you had fun using practical techniques and turning them into art. 316 palabras más