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You say tomato, I say Tormato

Madrigal – Yes (1978) 192KHz/24bit FLAC 4K Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Madrigal” was released on Yes’ ninth studio album, Tormato, in September of 1978. This is a beautiful tune from the album that features Rick Wakeman playing a Thomas Goff harpsichord. 657 palabras más

PANAMA: Top 10 New Restaurants In Panama City

Panama City has long been recognized as a cosmopolitan culinary capital the kind of place where new restaurants pop up almost every day.

The food landscape is exciting, with fusion, ethnic, gourmet, and casual eateries all making their way into the mix. 968 palabras más

Poem 49: Bike shed

(The poetic form selected for this week is the madrigal. There is some discussion as to whether Fa la la in a song has furtive insinuating overtones. 158 palabras más


Reading: The second Madrigal by Anna Swir

Today my eye fell on Polish poet Anna Swir (Świrszczyńska) (1909-1984). I read the translation by Czeslaw Milosz:

The Second Madrigal
A night of love…

320 palabras más

Back To The Future

I was practicing my guitar today, and toward the end of my practice session, I started playing around with some minor chords until I found a pattern I liked. 480 palabras más


Madrigal by Chiara Matraini

When first encountering this beautiful sight,
my lord, I am engulfed by an icy flame
that little by little burns and destroys me from within. 86 palabras más