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The Wednesday Promise... and a vague recap...

From the Scarlet Blue Journals 25/10/2032

It is all very well to make promises, keeping them is altogether another matter. Somehow I have to remember who I am, where I am, and what I am supposed to be writing about. 283 palabras más

Creative Writing

“Uno anzi due” con il comico Maurizio Battista

Dal 9 aprile al cinema con una esilarante commedia

★★★★★ Avete riso a teatro e riderete anche al cinema con questo strepitoso comico, che pure nel film si chiama “Maurizio” che recita ed improvvisa pure (la scena della polentiera è unica!). 452 palabras más


Mago Cross

Entrevista al Mago: Ozkr Cross

Son muchas cosas que disfruto de mi carrera.

¿Cómo podrías describir tu infancia?
Desde pequeño me gustaron las cosas muy difíciles. 1.051 palabras más


Raw Thai Noodles

It’s my Spring raw food workshop on Monday and to get the juices flowing, I created this beauty for lunch. This recipe is inspired by my lovely friend… 157 palabras más


(Essay 4) Magos, Muses, and Matrikas: The Magoist Cosmogony and Gynocentric Unity by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

(Part 4) Parallels between Magos and Matrikas

The numeric fluidity of a particular pantheon of Goddesses from three to nine is no isolated phenomenon in Western Muse tradition only. 970 palabras más


Sabichão, o burro que não foi

Sabichão fincou os cascos no chão, estufou o peito e relinchou: “Não fui e não vou!”.

Os outros animais olharam com estranheza para o burro. Estavam todos reunidos no celeiro para celebrar o dia anterior, em que pregaram uma baita de uma peça no Sr. 354 palabras más

MUSIC MONDAY: Five Songs That Need To Be On Your Playlist Now

A great song a day keeps the doctor away! Maybe that isn’t the way the exact saying goes, but I believe it’s just as true. 693 palabras más

Music Monday