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Happy Mothers Day!

Disclaimer- As I write this post, I am on a flight from Orlando to home Michigan with Musa in my lap (while Mikaal is on his dad’s lap). 455 palabras más



I’m Denisse, yes that’s two ss’ no typo and why would you want to read my blog? Well let’s see..

Latina, second time mama, in love with many things; a wonderful person, living in London, nature, holistic health, family, reading, crafts, music..too many to cover in one go. 487 palabras más


17 week pregnancy update

My weeks change every Monday which is very handy! On the Sunday of week 16, as I was going to bed I said to my boyfriend, “Babe, my belly feels weird. 495 palabras más


15&16 weeks, back in the land of the living!

At 15 weeks I saw a lull in pregnancy symptoms which was amazing. The lack of energy for the 4-6 weeks prior was draining physically but mentally too and it was actually exciting to feel energy again after what had seemed like a lifetime. 409 palabras más


The Real Reason Moms Love Goodnight Moon

What is it about this classic children’s book that gives me all the feels?! Their simply is no better way as a child to go to sleep than laying all cozy and comfy in bed reading your favorite nighttime story. 546 palabras más


Os meus filhos nas redes sociais

Este post serve para mostrar a minha posição em relação às fotos dos meus filhos na internet. Sublinho “dos meus filhos”.

Quero, antes de mais, dizer que não sou contra a colocação de fotos dos filhos na internet. 401 palabras más


Bom filho à casa torna

Quando fez um ano a pequena B foi dormir sozinha. Não doeu! Foi tão natural como a sede! Não veio a meio da noite, não chorava com medo do escuro, não foi o drama, embora ela seja a rainha do drama. 123 palabras más