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The María Escoté Spring/Summer 2015 Show, which featured illustrations by Amanda Portillo, was a nod to the « mamacitas » from Latin American neighborhoods such as Harlem.

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GLUTTONY: Home, Where Gluttony Knows Your Name

by Wendy Goddard

Essence of fresh ripe tomato and homemade sauce mingle with garlic- scented meat and rendered fat as I bite into tender, yet crisp, tortillas. 439 palabras más

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Not Atas: Mamacitas

A stall like Mamacitas could only be fathomed in a hawker centre like Amoy Street’s. It is the one where six-dollar sandwiches, salads and even superb upgrades of fish soup and bak chor mee, are kept afloat by office drones. 224 palabras más