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Mancora, O Mancora

‘Twas the Prettiest Beach I e’er did See. N’body ‘cept Christy, the Ocean, and Me.

And about 15-20 other people from ASI. And all the others, you know. 646 palabras más



From the Amazon jungle to swim in a lake at an altitude of 4,600m, I left Huaraz last night after a very exhausting hike to Lake 69 and I’m now looking forward to relax on the beach in Mancora but before that I had to catch a bus… 1.642 palabras más


Heading North from Lima: Huanchaco and Mancora. 

We spent two nights in the Miraflores region of Lima after arriving from Cusco. Miraflores is a modern place with Booths (Waitrose for the southern folk) style supermarkets and shopping centres. 259 palabras más


Beaches and Bull Fights

Crossing into Peru was a little more difficult than we had expected. Taking an overnight bus from Cuenca Ecuador to Mancora Peru left us at the border around two in the morning. 221 palabras más


Mancora, mag ik hier blijven?

Wat is dat toch met Peru? Ik ben nog nooit zo vaak herinnerd geweest aan een land. Ik geef enkele voorbeelden. Mijn ex woonde er een tijdje, het lief van mijn beste vriend gaat er vrijwilligerswerk doen, Machu Picchu lijkt bij mijn kennissen populairder dan ooit en de meeste vragen over mijn reis hadden betrekking op dit land. 601 palabras más


Dateline Máncora

There are only so many ways to describe a beautiful beach. The true beauty of it, for writers and readers, is the way it allows your mind to travel lightly, far and wide, or to venture deeply and with great absorption, as you wish or as you dare, always returning to the anchor of the beauty before you. 581 palabras más


Chill is in the Heart

After terror, increased fear-mongering and gloominess in Europe I felt it was high time for something completely different. So from an airport undergoing some serious refurbishment and with the dominating presence of the Dutch equivalent of the Royal Marshals, not doing an awful lot, but mainly looking terribly butch and important, I boarded a plane to the other side of the Atlantic. 856 palabras más