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Rest & Relaxation in Punta Sal

Punta Sal is one of my favourite places in all of Peru and I’m sure you can see why. 733 palabras más


Top Places to See in Peru

There’s more to this country than the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site, Machu Picchu, although it’s definitely a highlight! Snowy mountain peaks, beautiful beaches, rainforests, canyons and sandy deserts are all packed into one country! 609 palabras más

South America

That time I attempted surfing.

There are some things that I will leave until wine is present however I will try and tell this story as best to my sober ability and still make it interesting. 1.389 palabras más


To the coast with company: Santa Isabel to Mancora

One of the reasons bike touring suits me is I am generally very comfortable with solitude. While I do enjoy social interactions, I also have no issues spending days at a time alone, with little in the way of conversation with other people. 1.792 palabras más

South America Tour

Hello Peru 🇵🇪 

As the most visited country by tourists in South America with over 3 million a year, I was looking forward to seeing what peru had to offer. 1.806 palabras más

Solo Traveller

First taste of Peru

Our Peruvian journey started along the Northern coast in the town of Máncora, a small fishing village on the desert coast with apparently good waves for surfing. 222 palabras más

South America

My favourite hostels

My trip is coming to an end soon, and I am starting to look back already on many things. Hostels (good & really bad ones) played a big part in  whether or not I enjoyed a place. 1.455 palabras más