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Days 131-137: Mancora. Palm Trees, Surf & Sunsets

After a well deserved rest in Lima, we were after some sun so “hopped” on a 19 hour overnight bus to Mancora in Peru’s most northern region of Piura. 499 palabras más


Cuba and beyond - Part 3


Arrived in Peru on a very comfortable overnight bus from Cuenca that took me down to Tumbes, Ecuador’s border post with Peru. Before I go any further, I have to clarify here what I mean by a bus. 1.550 palabras más


Christmas, New Year & a petrol station! 

So we finally arrive back in Cusco wild rover hostel. We head straight for bed after climbing old Machu Picchu we are shattered.
I’m not going to lie the next few days are going to be a bit of a blur, with lots of partying, train bombs and bad decisions made all round. 1.908 palabras más


Peru - Mancora to Cusco

The Andes split Peru like the spine of a great Hemmingway novel, its western arm scattered with great Incan ruins, ancient citadels, concrete metropolis’ and its northern beach party towns. 1.321 palabras más


Unexpected Máncora

The beachside of Peru is a happy place – littered with children laughing and playing together, tanned, salty and sandy, active and peaceful, this happy demeanour easily rubs off on anyone walking along the beaches at Máncora. 604 palabras más


A Peruvian mix - a desert oasis, a capital city and time on the beach.

The next few stops on our Peruvian adventure couldn’t have been more varied. First up – Huacachina a tiny town which is built around an oasis in the desert. 597 palabras más


Last day in Peru

My bus is at 11.30pm to Ecuador.

Today our little posse of 5 went out for lunch, sat on an incredibly windy beach and then out for dinner. 187 palabras más