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So Abby and I decided that we needed a vacation during our vacation.

So naturally, we went to the beach.

And we did approximately nothing but read, sleep, tan ourselves, and eat. 414 palabras más


Northern Peru

Some of the Nazca lines in southern Peru. Interesting, but not as impressive as we were expecting.

A common sight on the highways of Peru. … 922 palabras más

South America

The Dude Abides

It took me a while to warm up to Peru, but after a while, it has really grown on me. Something that has been very typical of my time here is a lot of REALLY long bus rides. 906 palabras más


Ceviche and Pisco sours A.K.A. how to cope with turning 35

A misunderstanding of the US visa rules meant we needed to exit and re-enter the country to get another 90 days in the States so we could finish our exploration. 394 palabras más


Why we love Green Eggs and Ham 

The very nature of travelling means that you turn up at a new place, fall in love with it, it’s resturants, hostels, activities and everything else and then you have to leave to explore another place, knowing you’ll probably never see it ever again. 223 palabras más


Mancora - Huanchaco - Casa Fresh

After leaving the Galapagos by plane last Friday we caught a night bus out of Guayaquil to cross the border into Peru. At 12.40am we were woken up at immigration and had to stand in a two hour queue to get our passports stamped (😴) before continuing our bus journey to Mancora. 378 palabras más


Journey Around The World - The Peruvian Coast

Driving Down The Peruvian Coast               June 23, 2013

As we were leaving Ecuador, we drove past miles and miles of banana plantations.  The bananas while still on the trees were in these blue plastic bags. 202 palabras más

Watercolor Painting