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Peru - Mancora

Unlike Colombia, we chose to get a night bus across the border from Ecuador into Peru. It was easy and safe as both the Ecuadorian and Peruvian immigration controls were next to eachother in the same building and once we got our exit stamp from Ecuador we were able to walk straight over to the next desk and get our entry stamp for Peru. 2.454 palabras más

Waltako Beach Resort, Peru 

August 10 and 11, 2015, days 15 and 16 of my Dragoman tour, and we’ve finally reached the Peruvian coast and my first ever beach camping experience at Waltako Beach Resort. 527 palabras más

Peru: It's a Taste Sensation!

When one thinks of South America, at least in terms of backpacking around it, Peru is what immediately springs to mind. It is the archetypal pre or post-Uni destination with its abundance of true pre-Hispanic culture, stunning landscapes, decadent party towns and, of course, Machu Picchu. 1.223 palabras más

Exhausting trip from Mancora to Iquitos

So you probably read a few articles of people going to Iquitos by other forms of transportation rather then plane. If you decide to follow my path, keep reading on, you will find some very useful information that other bloggers don’t include. 439 palabras más

Visited Places

Mancora and Trujillo

We took the craziest minibus from Tumbes to Mancora (S/.12pp). It was this old, rusty, dilapidated minibus that looked like it was being held together by some rusty screws and felt like it would fall apart at every speed bump it raced over! 724 palabras más

July 2015

Leaving Peru, Taking time in Ecuador, Shipping the Car Home

Well I hate to say it but this is the beginning of the end for our trip.  I actually just finished loading the car into the shipping container with our agent and watching a truck take it to the shipping staging area.   668 palabras más


Familiarity and Difference


(This is a short entry. I spent most of the day on buses.)

It is amazing how fast something we do becomes a habit. It is even more interesting how sights and sounds become familiar. 507 palabras más