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Journey Around The World - The Peruvian Coast

Driving Down The Peruvian Coast               June 23, 2013

As we were leaving Ecuador, we drove past miles and miles of banana plantations.  The bananas while still on the trees were in these blue plastic bags. 202 palabras más

Watercolor Painting

Hola from Mancora (and our last stop in Peru)! 

After two night buses in a row (Huaraz > Trujillo and Trujillo > Mancora) we arrived to the Peruvian coast and, drum roll please, 30+ degrees!!! 238 palabras más

Peru - A story in two parts

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say Peru? Let us guess… Macchu Picchu? But Peru is so much more than just Macch Picchu. 2.321 palabras más


Peru: More than Cusco. More than Machu Picchu.

As an expat who has lived in this beautiful country for more than two years, I’ve learned something that really strikes me when I hear of tourists coming to visit on their dream trip… … 713 palabras más


How to Live in Paradise for $15 a Day

Step one and done: Get your butt to Mancora, Peru.

When most people think of Peru, they think of mountains and llamas and Machu Picchu. Very few people think of the gorgeous miles of coastline and the absolutely perfect weather that the west coast of the country has to offer. 334 palabras más

South America

Mancora to Cuenca by bus

Mancora, Peru to Cuenca, Ecuador  via indirect bus (3 transfers)

IT IS POSSIBLE TO TAKE A BUS FROM MANCORA IN PERU TO CUENCA IN ECUADOR. I am stressing this out because at the time of my travel (April 2016), I wasn’t able to find any information about this online. 705 palabras más

Crossing Borders And Places In South America

#13 - Peru Surfing

from Wetsuits to Bikini

A word on soundtracks: in the salt flats it was mostly “the BeeGees”, to Machu Picchu it was a mixture of dance and techno and on our 32p bus ride from Huanchaco to Trujillo it was rod steward. 1.391 palabras más