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Alcalde de Máncora pide se investigue presuntas amenazas de muerte a abogado

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Ceaugmasonline:         El alcalde de Máncora, Florencio Olibos, no solo rechazó una vez más su implicancia en las presuntas amenazas de muerte contra el abogado que ha solicitado su vacancia, sino que también solicitó a la Policía que investigue el hecho para identificar a los verdaderos responsables. 168 palabras más


Mancora, Peru: What's Good in this Hood

It takes a special kind of warrior to keep up with the Peruvian beach town of Mancora’s hedonistic lifestyle; we were not those people. A week was enough to soak up its vibe but we opted for a less rockstar experience. 333 palabras más

South America

Coastal Peru - From Pacific waves to Desert Oasis

Peru – Huacachina

Crossing the Ecuador/Peru border turned out to be a surprisingly smooth considering it was supposed to the be the worst border crossing in the Americas. 450 palabras más

Peru Part 1

We started our Peruvian adventure in the far north of the country, in search of some final sea and sand in South America. From here on in, we knew it would be mostly mountain towns and cold coastal regions so we were keen to get some serious sunbathing in. 2.381 palabras más


A Bus Journey from Cuenca, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru

Mancora is Peru’s answer to Venice Beach and Ibiza. It’s a small beach town on the Pacific coast, where many people show up for a weekend, yet end up leaving many weeks after. 574 palabras más


Days 11-12 Mancora to Huanchaco

Day 11 in Mancora is a pure beach day. I’m fighting a cold and we have to check out by 12 but we are allowed the use of the single room to store our stuff in it. 572 palabras más


Days 9 & 10 -Mancora

A 9 hour bus ride today so below are some notes I made on the bus while driving and off of wifi

I ask Cheo if being a bus driver is a good career and the way he explains it is if you’re a good bus driver, after you’ve “proven” yourself at a not great company, you’ll get hired on by the better companies. 858 palabras más