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Introducing Peru - First Stop Mancora

Our flight from The Galapagos took us back to Guayaquil where caught a night bus over the border and into a place called Mancora, to begin our Peru adventure. 1.046 palabras más


Trujillo and Peru's North Coast


A brightly coloured and unique Plaza de Armas, friendly locals, inexpensive and delicious food and dirt cheap tours. Trujillo was a diamond in the rough.  1.145 palabras más


Fear and Loathing in Mancora beach

Our story with Mancora is long enough to say we actually lived in this tiny city sited in the northern coast of Perú. 3 months, that´s the number, and actually a bit more than that. 2.253 palabras más


Half-Time in South America

With the half of our journey being over now, here is a short summary for everybody who follows our blog and only speaks English. So far our travels have been amazing! 276 palabras más

Life's a Beach, But Don't Get Stuck There: Máncora 

When you’re constantly on the move, it’s funny how much a hostel can impose on your perception of a place.

I didn’t think Rosario or Córdoba were all that great because my hostels were empty and lifeless, while Buenos Aires and Cusco were equally as great because the hostels were spacious, fun, and packed with interesting people who will make creating characters for my next novel a whole lot easier. 614 palabras más


Vichayito | Mancora | Zorritos | Lobitos

We escaped the chaos of Lima for the warm and clean waters of Peru’s North Shore. The trip was a total of ten days, four of those days were spent driving a total of 2000kms. 494 palabras más


Peru in 4 much more than Machu Picchu

Peru over exceeded our expectations. This is where we found our true passion for hiking and saw a diverse range of landscapes from snow-capped mountains, beaches, oasis, Machu Picchu and so much more. 1.193 palabras más