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A Peruvian mix - a desert oasis, a capital city and time on the beach.

The next few stops on our Peruvian adventure couldn’t have been more varied. First up – Huacachina a tiny town which is built around an oasis in the desert. 597 palabras más


Last day in Peru

My bus is at 11.30pm to Ecuador.

Today our little posse of 5 went out for lunch, sat on an incredibly windy beach and then out for dinner. 187 palabras más


Stop one complete

The bus left at 2pm yesterday and we got here at 10.30am.
Made a friend, smoked some spliff on the beach and watched some crabs. … 56 palabras más


A week of beach days in Peru

Country number two, Peru. Our first stop would the rambunctious surf town of Máncora. Popular with travellers and Peruvians alike for day after day of cloudless skies, night after night of beach parties, and wave after righteous wave to slash barrels with your bros before hanging ten, yew! 742 palabras más


Have Sea Lions Eaten My Dive Buddy?

Have sea lions eaten my dive buddy?

There aren’t many times I’ve asked myself this question, in fact, I’m quietly confident it’s only been once. Still, one time too many. 456 palabras más



So Abby and I decided that we needed a vacation during our vacation.

So naturally, we went to the beach.

And we did approximately nothing but read, sleep, tan ourselves, and eat. 414 palabras más


Northern Peru

Some of the Nazca lines in southern Peru. Interesting, but not as impressive as we were expecting.

A common sight on the highways of Peru. … 922 palabras más

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