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Máncora, Peru

Our bus arrived in to the seaside town of Chimbote, which absolutely stank of fish! Thankfully there was a mall nearby with a Starbucks and Burger King, so we plonked ourselves here for a good six hours while waiting for our next bus. 284 palabras más


TraPhil features... Χωρις Γλυκανισο

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Shit – What has happened to the headline? There are some alien signs you never saw before in your life. But don’t worry: Neither do you need to read the text from the right to the left, nor to download the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. 1.614 palabras más


Máncora, Peru

Peru is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Mountaintop ruins. Deep canyons. Massive lakes. Hidden hot springs. Endless deserts. There’s one thing missing from this list, though. 373 palabras más

South America


Best known of the northern beaches is Mancora, where surfing competitions are held. The center of town is a bustle of hostels, restaurants and shops. We found a few things we’d forgotten to bring along, like peanut butter, and new flip-flops. 169 palabras más