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Pride Month: I fell in love with my sister's boyfriend- First impression

I Fell in Love with My Sister’s Boyfriend is a yaoi, slice of life webtoon that was released in 2017. “When Qiu Zinan graduated from highschool three years ago, he went to the bar with friends. 374 palabras más


Nana to Kaoru: Black Label

In the summer of the last year of high school, both Nana and Kaoru are preparing for college exams, while also continuing with their breathers. Due to various circumstances, Nana ends up going with Tachibana, a local SM shop owner who turns out to be very smart, to a vacation house where she’ll help Nana study.  383 palabras más


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@Full Moon: Looking at Gender-Bender Manga in the Past and Present

As a self-professed fan of transformations (but having just as big a dislike of ecchi and hentai), it’s hard to find a good gender-bender manga that isn’t about getting off…so to speak. 579 palabras más

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Best Girl 6: Starting Salt in Another Contest! Round 1 Bracket D!

Vote hereResults hereFull character list hereHappy Voting!Mini challenge:What’s your favorite OP? via /r/anime


The Incredible Re-Destro [My Hero Academia 232]

Finally! We have some idea what Re-Destro’s quirk can do. And, boy, it’s a whopper of a power.

While we don’t get the name of Re-Destro’s quirk, let’s review what he did and make a hypothesis, shall we? 651 palabras más