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Aplicación web 2.0: Coggle

Coggle es una aplicación de la web 2.0 con la que se pueden crear mapas conceptuales (mindmaps) y compartirlos con nuestros amigos y colegas para poder editar y trabajar en ellos de manera colaborativa en tiempo real. 248 palabras más


Planning a journal article

Can we plan a paper to create a clear structure? Or does it emerge through the writing?

Whilst  check lists may be helpful to ensure that you have uploaded all the elements of a paper through a submission portal , I am not convinced they are a good way of helping to structure a paper under construction. 133 palabras más

Comparisons between excellent concept mapping and excellent teaching

There are some serious misconceptions in the literature on concept mapping that threaten to undermine the authenticity and potential of the tool.

When reading research papers on concept mapping, alarm bells are immediately triggered when the authors introduce their work with statements about “concept maps as a classroom strategy“. 698 palabras más

Asia-Pacific Concept Mapping Conference - 2017

Congratulations to the organisers of the Asia-Pacific Concept Mapping Conference

Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China 2017 6 palabras más

Concept mapping & pedagogic frailty - special issue

A special issue of Knowledge Management & E-Learning is now available at:

Contents page available below:


254   Editorial: Pedagogic frailty and concept mapping… 204 palabras más

Concept mapping at the pedagogic frailty symposium.

Participants constructing concept maps at the pedagogic frailty symposium.