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Pedagogic frailty: A new lens to examine university teaching

Pedagogic frailty has been proposed as a concept that can help to bring a number of key ideas into simultaneous focus with the aim of enhancing teaching in the university context. 377 palabras más

Complexity of representation or simplicity of thought

Typically, concept maps that are more complex are scored more highly than those that appear simpler. This has been the basic principle that has guided the analysis of concept maps in numerous publications. 549 palabras más

Concept mapping and teacher expertise

A new book (that I have just discovered) makes an interesting addition to the concept mapping literature. Salmon and Kelly (2015) offer a very clear, and well-illustrated discussion of the value of concept mapping as a tool in teacher development. 317 palabras más

Mapa conceptual: El Canto gregoriano

Os dejo un mapa conceptual creado por Cristina López Cordero elaborado con la aplicación cmap-tools. Espero que os resulte de gran ayuda:

Recursos 2.0

Improving the quality of concept maps

Whilst looking at concept maps that are available on the web, and when reviewing papers for publication, it is clear that some maps that are presented are not… 508 palabras más

"It's the wrong discourse, Grommit!"

In the animated film, “The Wrong Trousers”, fans of Wallace and Grommit will remember how the situation develops in which Wallace is wearing a pair of mechanical trousers that are taking him in various directions that he doesn’t want to follow – controlled by the evil Feathers McGraw. 472 palabras más

Historia y licencias informáticas

He realizado estos mapas conceptuales con la herramienta Web 2.0 sobre historia y licencias informáticas

Mapas Conceptuales