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Are you already researching pedagogic frailty?

The concept of pedagogic frailty ( see earlier post: ) consists of a number of dimensions that are directly related to established fields of research in higher education. 202 palabras más

CMC 2016 Tallinn, Estonia

Congratulations to the organisers of the Concept Mapping Conference in Tallinn for an excellent event.

Street view of Tallinn

I attach the slides from my presentation: 35 palabras más

Concept mapping research that misses the point

There is an enormous literature developing on the use of concept maps as a learning tool across the range of academic disciplines and across the range of student age-groups (from primary school to post-graduate studies). 895 palabras más

New Book: Powerful Knowledge & The Expert Student

Visualising Powerful Knowledge to Develop the Expert Student

A knowledge structures perspective on teaching and learning at university

This book puts the structure and function of knowledge firmly in the driving seat of university curriculum development and teaching practice. 314 palabras más

Hidden connections: why I don't eat apples.

Hidden connections are often the most interesting. Ideas that don’t seem to go together at first glance often do – once you dig deeper.

As a biology undergraduate, I was fascinated by the revelation that feral goats could be the cause of coral reef destruction. 599 palabras más