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Argentina's Rude Awakening at Italia '90.

It was the opening game of the 1990 World Cup, with holders Argentina, including the mercurial Diego Maradona who had just almost single-handedly taken his Napoli team to the Scudetto, pitched against an African team representing Cameroon populated by players that hardly anyone had heard of drawn largely from the ranks of the lower tiers of French club football and similar less celebrated leagues. 1.001 palabras más

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Diego Maradona (UK 2019)

This is the third documentary biopic by Asif Kapadia following Senna (UK 2010) and Amy (UK 2015). It certainly matches the brilliance of those two earlier films. 1.194 palabras más

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Lionel Messi is an Argentinian footballer widely regarded as one of the greatest players of the modern generation. He plays for FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. 355 palabras más

Video: Top 35 goals in Football history

The biggest joy in football is watching the ball fly in and hit the back of the net. From Pele to Maradona and Zidane to Zlatan, some truly amazing footballers have scored some extremely special goals. 30 palabras más


Mitos Argentina

Membaca buku digital Angels With Dirty Faces: The Footballing History of Argentina tulisan Jonathan Wilson yang bercerita tentang sejarah sepakbola Argentina, saya berujung pada konklusi bahwa dia mengada-ada: narasi tentang segelintir malaikat buruk rupa pujaan orang-orang Argentina, kisah yang menuturkan sekelompok pahlawan — termasuk jagoan-jagoan sepakbola — tidak sempurna yang dielu-elukan oleh publik Argentina, saya selalu berpikir bahwa semua itu cuma tonil rekaan belaka. 857 palabras más


Diego Maradona, 2019 Directed by Asif Kapadia. Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 review for What the Flick.

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Asif Kapadia, Oscar-winner for Amy in 2015, has made two previous documentaries about two ‘troubled’ icons in their fields ( 577 palabras más

Movies: Diega Maradona Review

Men of a certain age will idolise Diego Maradona, and with good reason; not only was he a supremely talented footballer, but at a time where televised football wasn’t so oversaturated, his only occasional appearances on our screens will have meant he carried a certain mystique about him. 329 palabras más

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