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It wasn’t exactly sunny yesterday afternoon when I went for a walk. But it was a nice break in the misty rain on a day when I’d been mostly at my desk. 366 palabras más


House Jalapeño-Infused Tequila

It’s no secret that out here on the farm we dig agave-based spirits; so it should be no surprise that we seriously dig infusing blanco tequila with jalapeños. 476 palabras más
The Bar

Exploring Conundropia: Leacock's Land of Unsolved Riddles

In my previous post I called the country I was mapping for you Leacockland. I have decided not to go forward with that name. I suppose it’s all right to name a country after its first map-maker, but “Leacockland” is neither euphonious enough for my taste nor descriptive. 765 palabras más


The Sierra Nevada

With the rain pouring down we headed east, back the way we came into San Fran over the San Fran – Oakland Bridge, through the MacArthur Maze (which is the name for the mental interchange on the eastern side of the bridge which splits traffic onto about 7 separate freeways) and on to the 205 Freeway towards Mariposa and Yosemite. 2.137 palabras más

#10 March 2016 Queens, NY

Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

Women of Lucha Underground: Catrina, Mariposa, Melissa Santos & Ivelisse


Against the Odds

The butterfly was pretty, but the background was not very interesting, so I took the stem and…

Against the odds she didn’t move!

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Photo Challenge