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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

Watched as part of my walk down the Blockbusters-lane; Back to the Bang for the Buck

I’ve never been a fanboy, nor do I have a certain nostalgic attachment to this movie or the franchise.

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'Star Wars: Episode VIII' New Photos Show Off Ship, Vintage Helmet

Director Rian Johnson offered a few breadcrumbs to appease hungry fans until the next update on “Star Wars: Episode VIII.” Johnson took to his “lousy stinkin” Tumblr… 284 palabras más


First official "Batman: The Killing Joke" trailer released

By Mandela Wells



Batman: The Killing Joke” is after so long, finally brought to life and will arrive this coming summer. The straight to DVD animation movie will see the return of… 172 palabras más

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Batman: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke, one of the most regarded and highly controversial comic book stories ever told. The new trailer for the R-rated animated adaptation suggests that they’ll be no compromising. 145 palabras más


Trailer Review: Batman: The Killing Joke

By: Sean Gardner

My favorite comic book writer, Alan Moore has never liked the idea of his books being adapted into films. He even refused to have his name attached to Zack Snyder’s interpretation of his most renowned book, Watchmen.  174 palabras más


Batman: The Killing Joke. The Trailer and The Facts

This sounds like a broken record when it comes to this story, but I think it is one of the best Batman stories in existence. A real look into the mind of both Batman and The Joker is both a fascinating and disturbing insight. 570 palabras más