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It's started...

Filming has begun on Star Wars: Episode VIII. And if that’s not enough, work’s already underway on Episode IX. 94 palabras más


The Padawan Podcast: Has Darth Vader's Role in 'Rogue One' Been Expanded?

In this episode of The Padawan Podcast, we discuss a whole bunch of juicy Star Wars related topics. They include: New Rogue One details/rumors, has Darth Vader’s role been expanded? 120 palabras más

Star Wars

Feast your eyes on this amazing fan made KILLING JOKE trailer!

Courtesy of Alex Luthor, the undisputed king of the fan-made trailers, we have a look at what a Batman: The Killing Joke movie could potentially look like, featuring Mark Hamill’s goosebump-inducing Joker monologue, a little Jared Leto and some fantastic Bryan Cranston work as Jim Gordon. 47 palabras más


Wicked good

More vigilante posting? Yes!


In the 90s, you were able to do good stuff only when no one was looking. And for “good stuff,” you can’t do much better than… 1.628 palabras más

The Great Ultravillains

The Bob Awakens

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?


Oh, sorry.

“Get that a lot lately.”


MOVIE REVIEW: Star Wars: The Original Triology

Hi, folks! I’ve made a commitment this year to watch more movies (because why not? Movies are awesome) and I’ve decided to share a lot of my reviews on here, because I want to use this blog more yet I never know what to write about. 1.259 palabras más


Theater: Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens

You might be wondering why I waited so long to write about the newest installment of the Star Wars saga. I wanted to wait until the hype died down a little bit as well as take some time to ponder and meditate a little on the whole thing. 353 palabras más